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Group FiO is partnering with Logi Analytics for analyzing the data and building KPI dash boards. If You want analytics, but do you have the expertise to deliver that value?With a decade of experience helping customers with embed analytics, Logi is the #1 OEM Partner in the business intelligence space.So you can continue to focus on what you do best, and leave the analytics to us.

  • Embed custom analytics for insights unique to your business
  • Efficiency  Reduce your time to process and ship an order
  • Empower your people with the data they need

Logi puts the genius in your application

Logi Info is a platform for embedding analytics into the applications workers use every day, rapidly creating analytic applications, deploying scalable dashboards and reports, and delivering managed self-service analytics to business users.

Logi Info applications are

  • Fully Customizable  Tailor the end-user experience to specific needs and tech requirements.
  • Easily Embeddable Embed analytics into the applications users work with every day.
  • Highly Scalable Deploy to any numbers of users, inside or outside your organization.

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