Experience a better way for your team and clients to collaborate online with RingCentral Meetings

When you combine powerful HD-quality video conferencing, screen sharing, and team messaging capabilities in one intuitive workspace, you optimize team collaboration. With RingCentral, meetings are easy to set up, manage, and start using immediately. Now available as a single solution, RingCentral Meetings is versatile video conferencing with smartly integrated digital tools for collaboration that enable: Screen […]

The Best Way to Reduce Returns for E-commerce

The Best Way to Reduce Returns for E-commerce

One challenge for nearly all e-commerce businesses is product returns. According to some statistics, return rates range from 25 to 40 percent.  Returns hurt profit margins, especially if free shipping was already part of the deal. This creates a conundrum for e-commerce retailers to solve — how do we keep customers happy by providing an […]

5 Reasons to Integrate Online and Offline Marketing

Did you know that, in 2009, Pepsi decided to ditch their offline marketing strategy and focus on building a digital marketing campaign? Even though this idea was supported by millions of people online, it turned out to be an immense failure and cost the company over $350 million. Now, you may think: “OK, that happened […]

Ways to Improve Inventory Control for Small Businesses

Inventory management and control are integral components of your company’s success, so you must evaluate them on a regular basis to ensure you’re on the right track. How’s your stock working out for you? Do you often run out of your best-selling items? Do you occasionally lose money on excess stock that you have to […]

Social Marketing Strategies Every Business Owner Should Be Using

Much has been said about the impact of social media on any business and its numerous benefits. However, in spite of that, many business owners fail to make the most of these useful platforms. Given the fact that more than 50% of SMB owners in the U.S.  use social media as their main digital marketing […]

Increase Brand Engagement

5 Tips to Increase Brand Engagement Through Packaging

One of the hot topics right now in the business world is brand engagement. Although there are differing definitions of engagement, it describes the process through which an emotional memory (or connection) is formed between the consumer and the brand of the company (the brand refers to a feature of the company that makes them […]

5 Ways For Retailers to Make Money Online

5 Ways For Retailers to Make Money Online

Making money through retail these days involves a bit more than just peddling your wares on the corner. You need to embrace digital opportunities to remain competitive, and a lot of that will be about being available to consumers on all possible channels. Leveraging omni-channel approaches properly will drive sales, improve customers’ overall experiences, and […]

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Why Small Business Owners Using Magento Need ERP Software

The rise of e-commerce in recent years has revolutionized the marketplace in just about every type of retail business there is. The Internet is giving small businesses the ability to compete with mammoth national corporations, and many smart entrepreneurs have been taking advantage and building great small businesses that provide for their families. One of […]

Why General Managers of Small Businesses Need Real-Time Inventory Management

As technology continues to evolve and improve, many inventory management solutions are now beginning to incorporate real-time inventory management features. If you have any experience in logistics, then you already understand that this development could represent a revolutionary change for your business. That’s why Group FiO has made the addition of real-time inventory tracking a […]

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How Big Data Can Help CFOs of SMBs Manage Inventory in Real Time

Big data is one of the hottest buzzwords in the business world today. When you combine some of its popular applications with the ability to track and monitor your inventory in real time, a whole new world of possibilities suddenly opens up for your business. From monitoring logistical information and transaction costs to applications like […]