4 Proven Ways to Optimize the Customer Journey


We know you’ve been hearing A LOT about the vital importance of customer data and using it to maximize your CX and customer journey; in fact, you’ve probably heard so much about it that you could find yourself stuck at a point of trying to determine the path between where you are now and where you know you need to go. Keeping up with all of the innovations and advice on creating a seamless, sensational customer journey can be somewhat daunting. Having a road map that points you on the right road with some clear, implementable insights can maximize your CX efforts, and help you optimize and influence the end-to-end journey of your customer.

With this in mind, here’s four solid fundamentals to begin working on now:

Build One 360 View of Your Customer

Creating one unified view of the customer is essential, and best-in-class organizations start building their customer journey optimization process by building a fully dimensional view of their customer through data insights.

By building a single, comprehensive customer view, you are better able to understand how the purchases, screen times, interactions, and behaviors of your customers will drive future actions. You can therefore target them more effectively with the most appropriate messages at the most optimum time. This insight helps sales and marketing teams partner together and produce more resilient strategies and effective campaigns, boosts the quality of every engagement, and helps you craft relevant content that resonates with the customer agenda.

Once this 360 view has been designed, it’s crucial that it is shared across all your business stakeholders, so they not only understand the customer, they also know their role in optimizing customer journey.

Additionally, by implementing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and utilizing prescriptive analytics, organizations now have the ability to cut through copious amounts of raw data generated every day – from corporate information, social media, shopping cart behaviors, research trends and influencer opinions to build a holistic knowledge of the customer

Turn Data Insights into Data Actions

Just collecting or having customer data itself isn’t useful; it’s what you ultimately can do with it.

Emerging capabilities in data analytics, data modeling, and artificial intelligence are now empowering your customer insights by interpreting data and directing action, which can fundamentally disrupt and improve the way you engage your clients.

So how does empowering your data improve the customer journey? Here’s just three basic, daily routine examples:

Lead generation – Gaining an understanding of experiential factors from a ‘tire-kickers’ data provides your sales team with significantly more targeted and accurate sets of measures and triggers that can be used to perfect lead generation and sales execution.

Demos – Having the right insights at the right time can make all the difference in a demo, augment sales calls, or hold the attention of everyone on the Zoom call by demonstrating you know what they want and how to get them there.

Boost Cold Call Opportunities – Utilizing an insight trigger such as a news story about a customer or knowing about a change up in their product line can be the catalyst that makes a target client receptive to a call from your sales team that illustrates at just the right time how you can solve their pain points during a time of transition.

Amplify Interactions Across All Brand Touchpoints

We have nearly limitless opportunities to engage with customers via email, social media, print, phone, live chat, zoom calls, face-to-face, text or app. According to a recent study, 51% of modern brands use at least 8 channels to interact with their customers, but only 17% of them have faith in their ability to harness all that data as part of a real omni-channel strategy.

Customer Data Marketing Platforms (CDMP) is the key bridge builder between these two numbers. Using real customer intelligence, predictive analytics, and AI makes the same companies twice as likely to be satisfied with their ability to use their data to empower their customer experience. Why?

The combination of big data and AI provides the ability to analyze and curate information from thousands of sources to deliver usable, actionable insights at exactly the moment they are needed.

Engage Your Customers in a More Contextually Aware Manner

Nothing can turn a customer off quicker than offering them irrelevant or unnecessary products or services. Customer interactions succeed when they possess the highest degree of relevancy for your customers and must be germane to both their needs and what’s currently happening in their business.It should enhance or expand their business and also deepen their relationship with your business, too.

True contextual relevance is born from having the data in advance to determine what a customer needs, and what products or services you can provide them that will have the greatest impact.

So Where Do You Start?

  • Begin by looking at the data you have and how you’re capturing it. You might have a lot of data, but is it siloed in different departments rather than being shared across channels?
  • A CRM system, sad to say, is not enough; it’s like trying to power a muscle car with a go-kart motor. If you want to ramp up your customer experience, it’s time to ramp up to a Customer Data Marketing Platform (CDMP)
  • A CDMP will help you unleash the power of your data, create a TRUE holistic view of all of your customers, individuate customer experiences, and empower prescriptive analytics so you know what your customers will want before they even know they want it. Book a demo, today!