AI and Automation Continue to Improve CRM Outcome


In addition to improving CRM outcome, automation and AI can save time, reduce costs, and increase profits. According to Forbes, sales professionals spend 17% of their time entering data. That’s nearly four workdays per month. Whether data is manually input or automatically aggregated, CRM data can be compromised of errors, duplicates, and irregularities. This jeopardizes the customer experience and can decrease sales.

Through AI and automation, duplicates, irregularities and other errors can be detected and addressed, effectively cleaning the raw data and removing some of the CRM headaches that come with data cleansing. When AI and automation are used in tandem, businesses can empower sales and customer service teams, and exceed customer expectations – providing favorable experiences that create and sustain loyalty.

CRM systems that leverage AI allow businesses to predict and deliver a targeted course of action and experience.

Have you ever wanted help from someone but didn’t want to ask for it? Maybe you thought the help should be offered proactively. Imagine waiting in a line at a store to pay, but when you finally reach the cashier, you’re met with silence. Should you have to ask the cashier to ring you up for your purchase or should the cashier already know how to help you? Based on the behavior of waiting in a checkout line and presenting the cashier with unpaid product(s), the customer need is obvious.

Unfortunately, such clear scenarios are aren’t usually presented. So, how can you set your business apart from competitors and win the trust of your customers? According to ZDNET, “2021 will be the year that data separates organizations from their competitors and customers — the ability to unlock, analyze, and act on data will become foundational to growth. “

Using AI and automation to win new customers and reduce customer churn.

A great CRM should allow you to intelligently interact with your past, present, and future customers. AI and automation are the path to discovering customer behavior, automating effective customer service routing, empowering sales teams, and developing hyper-personalized customer experiences. That’s how businesses can stand above the competition

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