How to Maximize the Performance of Your Marketing System

Marketing System

Once you make the jump and begin integrating Marketing Solution software into your day-to-day business activities, the options to maximize the performance of the system are nearly endless. When properly integrated, Marketing Solution software can be extremely powerful and provide a complete hub from which you manage your business. Here are ten great tips to maximize the performance of you Marketing Solution system:

1. Get Your Entire Team on Board

Marketing System

For your Marketing Solution system to be as powerful as possible, you need it to handle your entire business. That means that every division or group needs to get on board and begin integrating the software into their routines. Once everyone is on board, then you will have the best chance of maximizing performance.

2. Stop Cold Calling

One of the most powerful aspects of using an Marketing Solution system instead of a more basic CRM system is that the Marketing Solution system will allow your marketing people to integrate their process with your CRM database. That means that you will have the ability to property educate any potential clients about your products before making your sales calls.

3. Better Execute the Timing of Sales Calls

Using the extensive database contained in the CRM module of your Marketing Solution system, you should take keep detailed notes of exactly when the best time are for contacting each of your clients. The more details you are able to process, the better chance your software will tell you to call a particular client right when they are considering making a change.

4. Shorten the Sales Funnel

Another way that you can maximize the impact of your Marketing Solution system is to shorten your sales funnel. Having every aspect of your business interconnected through the Marketing Solution software makes it easy to be sure that your prospects are well educated about your products and that sales calls and emails are being made at the perfect time.

5. Fold Email Marketing into System

Email marketing is one of the best ways to develop potential customers to the point where they are ready to make the sale. Make sure that your Marketing Solution system is tracking how far along each lead is in your automated email marketing series so that you can properly time your sales efforts.

6. Integrate Social Media Marketing

Social Media ManagementWhere email marketing can develop leads into customers, social media marketing can develop random people into leads. Your Marketing Solution system should be adding anyone who interacts with your social media efforts into a lead development funnel with the goal of getting them into your email marketing funnel.

7. Prioritize Your Leads

One of the most important rules in business is to spend your time working on the highest caliber issues. The same goes for prospects, leads, and customers. Your Marketing Solution system should be prioritizing your leads based on specific factors you identify as important to the eventual sales process.

8. Increase Cross-Promotional Sales Efforts

If you are a larger business with multiple products, you want to make sure that your Marketing Solution system is set up to properly cross-promote similar or complementary products to customers who bought one of your other products. This will increase the value of each individual customer.

9. Get Everything Into The System

In order to truly maximize your Marketing Solution experience, you need to have all of your business information included. You can’t reach the ideal performance levels if you only have half of your business divisions using the system. All of your data needs to get into the system.

10. Push Through the Dip

During the course of your Marketing Solution integration, you will almost certainly reach a point where you are utilizing some aspects of the system and seeing some return on your investment. Make sure you are not accepting “good enough” instead of pushing through the dip into an ideally integrated system. There are a lot of incredibly powerful things that you can do with an Marketing Solution system integrated into your business operations. Getting your sales, marketing, accounting, and supply chain management departments all on the same page can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. If you are ready to start improving your business today, so is myFiO RMS.