It’s Time to Combine Your CRM with Marketing Automation


Using a CRM system to manage your connections is a great start, but it is not enough to keep pace with your constantly evolving competitors. The next evolution of CRM will combine your customer resource database with your marketing automation efforts to form a symbiotic relationship that dramatically outperforms a situation where the two systems work independently of each other.

In order to understand the best approaches for combining CRM and Marketing automation efforts, we need to understand what each of them do well on their own. Then we can explore the exponential growth power that can result from combining the two operations.

What CRM Does Well

Ten years ago, just having a CRM system put you way ahead of the rest of your industry and gave your business a huge competitive advantage. Today, CRM systems are much more common, but that doesn’t diminish the value that they can still provide.

CRM systems do a great job of keeping track of an index of all of your customer and lead contact information. This is not just a rolodex though. Your CRM database can include detailed notes on each and every interaction with a customer or lead and what their responses were at that particular time.

Your CRM system can also include other forms of data storage, such as contracts, call logs, and lists of potential opportunities. Basically, we are talking about a great digital filing cabinet that can keep track of everyone your business interacts with.

Where CRM Falls Short

What CRM systems don’t do is actually market your products. They just aren’t built for that because that is what your marketing automation and sales teams are doing.

However, if you integrate your CRM system with your marketing automation strategy, you can create a hybrid system that primes your leads at just the right times and then alerts you when they are ready for a sales call.

Combining CRM with Marketing Automation

Your marketing automation strategy almost certainly includes things like tracking your website analytics, an email list with an autoresponder sequence, some type of social media effort, and a method of scoring and prioritizing leads.

When you integrate those marketing automation efforts with your CRM system, you will be able to track the development of prospects into leads and then know when those leads are really ready to become customers. That means that you will dramatically improve your conversion rates on sales calls.

The (Marketing Solution) RMS

One of the best ways to combine your CRM and marketing automation solutions is through an integrated RMS system like myFIO RMS. This will allow your team to manage all aspects of your prospect development from one dashboard where everyone is working together and on the same page.

Too many businesses these days are struggling because the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Why waste your time developing leads through your web, social media, and email efforts if those leads aren’t going to be tracked by your CRM system? And why track any information at all if the rest of your operation doesn’t have access to it?

If you want to take your business to the next level, getting your entire business on the same page is the way to do it, and implementing an integrated ERP solution is the way to get started. What are you waiting for?