Manufacturing Management- Group FiO

Manufacturing Management

FiO ERP’s Manufacturing management provides manufacturers a holistic tool which helps them to optimize each every process in the manufacturing cycle.

MYFiOERP increases efficiency to a great extent. It brings in tighter controls towards operations and this assists in identifying the operational bottlenecks and productivity issues so that things can be sorted which increases resource utilization.

MYFiOERP reduces job costs. Items can be tracked in real time as they move in the manufacturing process and this provides an ability to perform cost analysis by the certain area and determine where job costs can be reduced. MYFiOERP increases the Real-time visibility of the production process, sales, margins, availability and anticipated current and future inventory requirements enables manufacturers to explore, uncover and analyze decision alternatives and identify opportunities….

Features: Ability to view and Run MRP for high level planning and strategies.
Option to view Inventory information, open and approved requirements.
Add and edit Bill of Manufacturing.
BOM Simulation, Routing information and tasks related to routing.
A detailed warehouse calendar to give you a snapshot of what is going on in your production.
Ability to create a production run, create reverse assembly forms, production transfers..

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