Professional Edition Opentaps CRM- Try FREE on Group FiO

In any business the interests of the customer is the most essential. That is where the need for a customer Relationship management (CRM) system arises as a growing company grows amid its problems. A CRM facilitates retaining and maintaining current customers and plays a crucial role in winning back former customers, whilst removing process complexities and ironing out difficulties. CRM helps manage sales operation and automate certain business processes to improve productivity and quality of service rendered to the customer apparently maximizing customer satisfaction.

While the industry boosts an wide array of Opentaps CRM solutions with unimaginable price differences, there are no solutions that are built especially for an SMB. Both in terms of Feature and Pricing context. Keeping this in mind Group FiO with the backing of Open Source technology such as Opentaps and OpenEMM has come up with a CRM solution – myFiO CRM specially tailored for the Small and Medium Businesses.