Purchase and Sales Management – Group FiO

Sales Management and Purchase Management by Group FiO

FiO ERP Sales Management provides a transparent and process-oriented sales management. Starting from Sales order to Rental Orders, track everything in FiO ERP. You can create a competitive quote and send it to your prospect in no time from sales management module itself.

Features of Sales Management:

  • View Orders based on your role and access permission in ”My Order”.
  • View the Order Queue for all open order in a single screen
  • Create and view order returns
  • View the entire shopping list that has been created.
  • Create new quotes for prospects and look at the quotes that have been sent by you.
  • View the products that are ready to be shipped.
  • Instruct warehouse staff to pack the item.
  • Select shipping address from pick list.
  • Schedule or batch a shipment. Financial and Accounting Management screenshot:

Purchasing Management:

MYFiOERP lets you automate and streamline your purchasing and Supply chain process with a module that is specifically dedicated to these two operations.Manage suppliers and their contact details so that you can access it whenever you want it with in few clicks. Keep track of products that is in transit along with the Bill of Manufacturing. Plan your materials and orders in detail MRP planner, Order management with invoice supplies. Estimated date of delivery and in-depth reports.

Features of Purchase Management:

  • Manage Suppliers records, including contact information
  • See real time inventory
  • Automate production and purchasing calendar with Material Resources Planning (MRP)
  • Use requirements to streamline purchasing work flow
  • Estimated date of delivery
  • In-depth reports

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