Bridging the Gap – An SMB story

Technology in the recent times has taken gargantuan leaps in areas such as innovation, cost reduction, quality and many more. “Technological development” though the term remains simple has solved many complex issues and questions that companies posed in their expansion plans. Having said all, we’ll have to understand who is getting benefitted by the technological development.

Common notion is that all companies from small to large are benefitted by the technological advancements. But we’ll have to delve deep to understand the real situation. Predominantly Technology and its tools have always been the chattels of large enterprises who possess the bandwidth and the moola to spend. Small and Medium enterprises are the least benefitted due to the heavy price tag which industry puts on top of them.   Starting from an ERP‚ CRM‚ OMS to an RMS‚ the market is dominated by big players and an SMB will never be able to pay for those products nor for the support. Thus resulting in a massive gap between the technology and the SMB’s‚ making the life for small businesses harder as the large companies invest and harvest the fruits of high end technology.

This is when Open source technology came as a sign of relief for the Small and Medium Segment. Open source (for those who don’t already know) means that you’ll get the software product free‚ you can extend and modify the source code‚ and also you pay no license or maintenance fee. Amazing!! Right… But too good to be true!

The Problem with the Open source is that there will be less or literally no support available and the company has to depend on the development community to help them with bug fixes or enhancements. Addressing the problem‚ Group FiO Inc‚ an authorized implementation partner of Open Taps – an industry leader in Open source ERP systems has come up with its own Enterprise version of ERP and other tools built on the Open Taps technology. Good part is that‚ Group FiO has innovated tremendously in terms of features and module additions and the best part is that it comes at a price that is very affordable to all the small and medium businesses. The Business mantra at Group FiO is BETTER‚ FASTER‚ AFFORDABLE and they provide excel in providing a better solution at a faster rate at an affordable price that doesn’t sit heavy on the purse of SMB’s.