Dive Deep into MyFiO CRM

MyFiO CRM empowers sales team to concentrate and divert all their sales efforts to the most profitable and acquirable deals with its amazing account and opportunities management. It provides ease of use to all its users by bringing in sales forecast, pipelines, reports, quotes, contacts within few clicks helping the sales team spend more time selling. With the help of automated workflow, manual work has been largely reduced and this will be reflected in the performance.

Dive Deep into MyFiO CRM

Before you know how the CRM solution works, here are some basic definitions of core CRM parts-

Lead: A lead is a company or any individual who has a proven interest and power to buy the product or service that the seller is offering. These leads can come from cold calls, networking events like trade shows, referrals and lead generation companies. Strengthening the marketing communication can push the sales lead to a sales prospect/opportunity.

Opportunity: An opportunity is a sales lead that has realistic parameters for product applicability, reasonable frame of time for purchase and the required funds to buy the product or service. Those leads that have shown interest in the seller”s offering are qualified to become opportunities for the business.

Account and Contact: Once the opportunity is converted, i.e. the customer buys the service or product, they now have an account on the CRM. If the purchase was B2B, the account is the name of the company and the person with whom the purchase process was carried out, becomes the contact for the account. There can be more than one contact for an individual account.