How MyFiO CRM outperforms Salesforce?

FIO-vs-SalesforceChoosing an ERP or CRM software package for your growing business can be a daunting task. There are quite a few different options available, and many of those options have different levels of pricing. On top of all of that, if you’ve never been through the process of implementing a CRM system, you probably don’t know exactly what features you will really need just yet.

In what appears to be an effort to make things even more confusing, offers two completely different services called Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. As you might expect, the Sales Cloud contains much of the sales functionality you might expect from a CRM package, while the Service Cloud handles the service side of your business.

Even if you were to implement the most expensive versions of both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, you would find yourself stuck with a combined software package that still lacks many of the features that come standard with MYFIO CRM. Because MYFIO CRM is meant to handle every aspect of your business from top to bottom, it contains everything you will need in one place.

Let’s look at some of the areas where MYFIO CRM outperforms both Salesforce services:

The Basics

Even if you implement both Salesforce services, you still will not have the capability of handling Business-to-Business (B2B) configuration or Business-to-Consumer (B2C) configuration. You also won’t have Sandbox, Announcements, Notes, or Search features that you might be expecting to find. Of course, all of these features are included in the standard version of MYFIO CRM.

MYFIO CRM also contains the ability to do business internationally with different language and currency options that are simply not included in any version of the Salesforce software.


While Salesforce is supposed to be an elite package when it comes to managing sales, it lacks the functionality to identify leads and potentials. It also lacks essential components like a built-in calendar or the ability to forecast future sales. You might argue that these functions can be replaced by using other calendar and forecasting programs, but the whole point of implementing a great CRM solution is to keep all of your business information in the same place.


MarketingMarketing is one area where the Salesforce services are severely lacking. They do not contain features like campaign dashboards, email marketing, marketing reports, mass email, newsletter management, or web to lead capture. All of these features are included with MYFIO CRM.


The Salesforce services also lack the ability to handle any type of service contracts or project management actions that you might need to monitor. These features also come standard with MYFIO CRM. In addition, MYFIO CRM also contains features to handle repairs, call centers, and customer support email management that are not included in the Salesforce services.


In addition to being known as a one-stop-shop for all of your CRM needs, MYFIO CRM is also known for its extreme flexibility and customization. Because it is based on Opentaps ERP, users have the ability to customize and modify just about any aspect of the software because they have access to its source code. This level of flexibility simply does not exist with the Salesforce services.

As you can see, when you break down the detailed features that come standard with MYFIO CRM and are not available at any level with the Salesforce services, there really isn’t much of a debate on which is the better software package for a growing small business. MYFIO CRM simply offers more features and flexibility in one uniform, easy to use package.