How MYFIO CRM Outperforms SugarCRM

FIO-vs-Sugar-CRMMaking the decision on what CRM software package to implement is a monumental task. There are dozens of different software packages that each contain thousands of different options. As if they were trying to make your decision even more confusing, many of these software packages offer different levels of access for different prices.

With all of these variables at play, it can be very difficult to know whether or not you are making the right decision for your company. The last thing you want to do is spend a small fortune committing to and implementing a new CRM system only to find out that it is missing a particular functionality that would make your business run smoother.

One of the biggest advantages that MyFiO CRM offers over its competitors is that it includes more functionality than any other software package. It also includes all of this functionality at one price point, while many of its competitors require upgrades to unlock access to more features.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that come standard with MyFiO CRM that are not included in any of the four versions of SugarCRM:

The Basics

Probably the biggest glaring difference between MyFiO CRM and SugarCRM is that SugarCRM fails to include any module for email or mass email. Email has become a major tool for all types of small businesses and is the preferred method of contact for many of your customers. MyFiO CRM includes the ability to send specific customer emails and mass emails as a standard feature.

Another basic advantage that MyFiO CRM has over SugarCRM is that it contains a section that allows you to keep notes on just about anything you might need to keep track of for your business. While SugarCRM apologists might argue that it is no big deal to keep your notes in another program, the whole point of utilizing an ERP or CRM package is to have everything located in the same place.


The area where SugarCRM really drops the ball is in the sales department. It does not include the ability to handle sales orders or invoicing even with its most expensive package. In addition to those functions, MyFiO CRM also adds the ability to differentiate potentials from leads as well as track price books, tax calculations, and take detailed notes about a particular sale.


MarketingOn the marketing side of your business, MyFiO CRM includes already designed email templates. Features like product tracking, creating a customer portal, and maintaining customer profiles are also standard features with MyFiO CRM, but are not available on any version of SugarCRM.


If you offer any type of service package with your products, don’t count on SugarCRM to be able to handle keeping track of that. However, tracking service contracts through the service module is yet another standard feature with MyFiO CRM.


Another huge difference between MyFiO CRM and SugarCRM is that SugarCRM offers virtually no flexibility in terms of implementation. With MyFiO CRM on the other hand, because it is a professional edition opentaps ERP package, just about everything can be customized to your liking. This includes adjusting any of the layouts, tabs, or settings. You can even include your company logo where you feel it is appropriate.

As you can see, there are quite a few details that you might really miss if you chose to go with SugarCRM instead of MyFiO CRM. MyFiO CRM is, by far, the most complete CRM option on the market. If having the options, flexibility, and functionality to meet the needs of your business is important to you, then MyFiO CRM is really your only CRM option.