IRCE 2014 Group FiO Experience


Group FiO LLC. recently attended the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) in Chicago. Since 2008, IRCE has been hosting this event, now recognized as the world’s largest e-commerce event. Group FIO has attended IRCE almost every year. It is an extremely well-organized show; that is structured in such a way that attendees have the freedom to attend the various workshops as well as the exhibit hall, or they may choose one over the other, depending on their priorities.

We were pleased with the number of visitors to our booth in the exhibit hall. We enjoyed some great business discussions related to Partnering, IT Consulting for ERP, Omni-Channel Order Management and Marketing Campaign Management Solution.

Many companies choose to provide hands-on experiences in their trade show booth. Our mission was different; we wanted to have quality conversations about business as well as our solutions. That being said, we had new releases for each of our business solution ready at the time of the show. Most of the people we had the opportunity to talk to, were experiencing one of two felt needs.

  1. They were either tired of contingency models or
  2. They were looking for a more holistic solution to their e-commerce needs.

We were more than happy to talk to them about the end-to-end solutions we offer.

Sales are not the only goal we had for the show, though. Our mission at the Group FiO is to help other companies, whether or not they choose to use our business solutions. We were just as happy to talk to IRCE attendees who weren’t sure what they were looking for as we were to talk to people who expressed interest in specific product offerings like ERP, Ecommerce, and OmniChannel Order Management.

That’s part of what distinguishes us from other companies. We’re business people.

Yes, our company is a technology company, but we also understand the fashion of running a business. Other things that make us stand out include the following:

  1. An open source platform, which means no license fees.
  2. Instead of having to wait for an update to be released, we fix bugs as they’re discovered, ensuring the best performance at any given time.
  3. You can deploy the application anywhere you want to.

We went to IRCE to have conversations, with customers, with potential customers and with other business professionals. Some of those conversations were just the beginning of a “relationship”. We are in the process of following up with the people we met already, and we look forward to keeping the lines of communication open.

If you were unable to attend IRCE, but you have questions about business, about CRM, ERP, content management or other e-commerce needs, we’d love to talk to you. Feel free to call us (844-267-4888), send us an email ( or find us on Twitter (@groupfioinc).

Thus, our time in Chicago was, as expected, well worth it. We love IRCE and look forward to the next year!