Social Marketing Strategies Every Business Owner Should Be Using

Much has been said about the impact of social media on any business and its numerous benefits. However, in spite of that, many business owners fail to make the most of these useful platforms. Given the fact that more than 50% of SMB owners in the U.S.  use social media as their main digital marketing channel, it’s clear that this is a competitive field and it takes more than just posting a few times a day on Facebook or Twitter to engage your target audience and make your social media presence strong and meaningful. There are some effective strategies that can help you leverage the power of social media.

Set your goals

Set your goals

Your strategy depends on what you want to achieve – promote your company, increase revenue, or increase customer engagement. Likes, retweets, and shares are undoubtedly flattering and they can have a positive impact on your company’s brand awareness, but your social media strategy requires more than these so-called “vanity metrics”. The key to your success lies in monitoring and improving conversion rates or the percent of generated leads, and other performance metrics. Setting goals will help you focus on what’s really important and what your company needs to work on at the moment, thus preventing distractions and unnecessary expenses.

Select the most appropriate channels

Select the most appropriate channelsWhen it comes to deciding on social media channels that will be the most effective for your business, it’s essential to understand that it’s not you who makes this choice but your audience. In other words, you need to find out what their preferred social media channels are and use them. Researching your target audience is critical for helping you learn more about your social media demographics and discovering where they like to hang out. Start by spying on your direct competitors because it’s their audience that you’re after as well. Another pretty useful method is motivating your audience to take legitimate paid surveys online and benefit from providing the feedback. The type of industry you’re in also plays a big part in the choice of the right social media channels.

  • Facebook boasts 2.13 billion monthly active users which makes it the world’s most popular social networking platform, which is why it can do wonders for your reach. Apart from that, one of Facebook’s crucial qualities is its versatility, since it’s suitable for many industries including B2B.
  • Twitter has an ostensibly smaller following, but it’s reputation of being the digital word-of-mouth method makes it excellent for keeping your audience posted about the latest news, while its recently increased character limit gives you the opportunity to express your ideas more easily and even use branded URLs instead of non-branded shortened ones.
  • LinkedIn is a must-use channel for every B2B company in any industry as more than 500 million business professionals have profiles on this network.
  • YouTube’s importance increased over the past few years, and bearing in mind how impactful video as a medium is these days, it’s a good idea to find a way to maintain a company channel on this platform, and embed videos in your content.
  • Instagram is, generally speaking, more suitable for visually oriented businesses, but even if you’re not in the fashion industry, you can share images of your team and offices, encourage customer-generated content, and promote company culture.

Produce quality content

Produce quality content

There’s no need to elaborate on how content marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tactics. However, what needs to be stressed is the quality part of the equation, because if your content is average it won’t drive engagement. Always try to attract your social media followers by providing them with useful, informative, and entertaining posts. Add value to your content by including appealing visuals, videos, addressing your audience’s issues and offering them solutions, as well as by responding to every comment and question in a timely manner. Many business owners tend to simply post a link to their blog post, without trying to spark any kind of interaction with their audience, which is a big mistake, because social media is a great place for establishing more personal and profound communication and getting to know your customers better. All this can increase your social media activity and drive traffic to your website, not to mention help you improve your Google rankings and overall brand visibility.

Don’t ignore influencer marketing

Don’t ignore influencer marketingInfluencers are here to stay and you have to connect with them asap. Social media is the most prolific channel for leveraging the power of influencer marketing. If you manage to get in touch with an influencer from your niche and get them to promote your brand or even individual products, you can be sure that their loyal following will take an interest in what you have to offer. People are more likely to trust distinguished professionals and experts, which why this strategy works. Moreover, non-celebrity bloggers have a better reputation than celebrities, and a survey has shown 30% of consumers will more seriously consider making a purchase if the product has been recommended by a non-celebrity blogger.

Social media can give your business a big boost, but only if you know how to use it, and these simple strategies can help you get the ball rolling.

Written by Raul Harman, Consultant and Editor in Chief at Technivorz.