Increase Engagement by 25% in Real-Time

Collects data around all customer interactions Our customer engagement platform continues to manage interactions even after the sale closes and across the customer’s life cycle.


100+ global brands believe in FiO Customer Engagement Platform


Don’t Let Channel Availability Restrain Your Engagement Campaigns

Bring customers to your brand, or bring the brand to your customers.
We’ll help you with both!

Email Marketing

Get higher CTR and open rates on your email campaigns

SMS Marketing

Send short promotional and transactional messages via SMS

WhatsApp Marketing

Make sure your messages are never missed with WhatsApp

Web Push Notifications

Bring users back to your website with Web Push Notifications

Mobile Push Notifications

Increase app engagement with Mobile Push Notifications

Google Remarketing

Reduce the friction in decision-making with Google Remarketing

Facebook Retargeting

Target look-alike audiences with Facebook Retargeting

Why’s FiO The Best Fit For Your Needs?

Join 800+ global brands that prefer FiO Engagement platform over others

Engage Your Users in Real-time

FiO’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) helps you engage with your customers through every touch point throughout the customer journey in all their interactions with your business to drive better outcomes for customers.

 Analysts report that a customer engagement platform gives organizations an innovative way to analyze patterns in real-time and promotes better communication between marketing, IT and service departments. Customer engagement platforms have become an enabling technology. It’s being used to take immediate action in response to the incoming flow of events.


Run Your Engagement Campaigns on Autopilot

Our customer engagement platform continues to manage interactions even after the sale closes and across the customer’s life cycle.

FiO’s Customer Engagement Platform is especially effective in situations involving many factors that interact in variable ways, such as the investment and lending environments for Retail Organizations. Our CEP is also used with our Intelligent Customer Relationship Management (iCRM) platform

Measure Channel Engagement and Optimize Performance

FiO’s Customer Engagement Platform identifies and analyzes cause-and-effect relationships among customer actions in real-time, allowing personnel to proactively predict scenarios that are likely to happen so they can take effective actions.



Cusomer Engagement Suite For Era-defining Marketers!

Create high-impact campaigns with tools that take your omnichannel engagement strategies to the next level.


A/B testing

Frequency cap and throttling


Reports scheduling

Campaign types

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Seamless Onboarding

Work with our onboarding specialists till go live with your first campaign.

Superior Customer Success

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Customer Segmentation

Identify high-priority customer segments with RFM modeling or create on-demand segments based on customer personas and behaviors in real-time.

Campaign Orchestration

Create workflows, set rules, select channels, and run contextual campaigns at scale with customer and business-triggered events.

App Personalization

Leverage a combination of behavioral data and targeted segmentation, to deliver unique app experiences to your customers.

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