Customer Experience Optimization: The Way of the Future.

Customer Experience Optimization: The Way of the Future.

A customer’s perception of your brand drives the customer experience (CX). From browsing a website to chatting with a live agent, to visiting a storefront, a customer’s interaction with your company determines if they’ll be a one-time shopper or a lifelong customer. This is the reason forward-thinking marketers have moved to customer experience optimization. It’s a comprehensive approach across all channels that can rev up the customer experience with hyper-personalization that includes artificial intelligence, chatbots, and virtual assistants.

Hyper-personalization plays a major role in customer experience optimization because it allows you to deploy strategies for the best customer-facing experiences. Big brands such as Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon all use hyper-personalization to recommend relevant information to its customers based on previous search habits and activity.

Fio’s intelligent CRM (iCRM) includes intelligent assistants (IA). It’s a software that integrates artificial intelligence, machine learning, and statistical operations. FiO’s IA helps marketers develop hyper-personalization strategies which lead to customer experience optimization. Hyper-personalization can increase interactions and revenue with the customers, and it can segment customer data, offer behavioral recommendations, create omnichannel experiences, and deliver predictive personalization. 

4 Best Practices for Customer Experience Optimization

  • Analyze the Data: Big data can help you understand where your strengths and weakness are. Analyze your metrics to see where you can improve your customer experience. FiO offers an AI-powered analytics approach that enables organizations to unlock their market potential by speeding up decisions that improve business outcomes.
  • Be Mobile Ready: Starting in September 2020, Google is switching to a mobile-first index for all websites. This means that the quality of your mobile site will be ranked by Google before the desktop version of your site. So, if the customer experience on your mobile site isn’t great, it’s time to optimize it.
  • Know Who Your Customers Are: You can optimize your customer experience by paying close attention to the customer’s buying journey. You may find areas for improvement that will allow you to create new strategies that will increase customer engagement. This can include feedback on social media, customer surveys, and repeat buying behaviors.
  • Hyper-Personalization: Hyper-personalization uses real-time data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to produce better and more relevant content, service information, and experience to each user. Investment in hyper-personalization will make a positive change — you just need to get started!

FiO’s IA is an innovative and results-driven approach for customer experience optimization. IA can maintain historical data, perceive and assist, and work autonomously.

FiO partner’s with businesses to build a digital and analytics road map. We give context to sensitive analytics to inform the big data infrastructure build. Applications are then customized for predictive modeling and visualize actionable insights.

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