Customer Journeys to Drive Emotion Engagement


Precise Data and Creative Strategies Ignite Emotion

It’s easy to get lost in the linguistic maze of marketing jargon. Terms like data, strategy, analytics, and more tell superficial stories. Explanations often lack the context that helps people understand the conversation. This can lead to a breakdown in communication between marketing and stakeholders – ultimately resulting in subpar campaign executions, lackluster customer engagement and poor conversions.

Let’s take a closer look at how to use exact data and creative strategies to develop customer journeys that ignite emotion.  First, let’s look at two examples of emotions that can be ignited. An emotion being positive or negative does not necessarily determine whether the outcome will be positive or negative.


This can happen at any point in the customer journey. An experience that upsets a potential customer can keep them from becoming a buyer. That potential customer could be lost forever. The same is true with customers who have a post-purchase experience that angers them. An unmet expectation about the product or service and failure to resolve it to the customer’s satisfaction can ignite anger.

Depending on the situation, anger could also inspire a client to do business with you. For example, an attorney might ignite the emotion when targeting wrongfully terminated employees, accident victims, or people going through a divorce. Igniting the anger emotion and a desire to be vindicated can actually drive purchases.


Fear is another emotion that can work both in favor and against your outcomes. When promoting a sale, companies will indicate a sale end date. A customer might buy today for fear of having to pay more tomorrow.

On the other hand, fear can be a customer deterrent, too. A customer may fear they’ll buy a product only to stick it in a corner and never use it again. They may fear buyer’s-remorse. Fear of judgment is another common reason customers don’t buy. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a great example of a product some people do buy out of fear. They might fear getting sick, getting someone else sick, running out of supplies, or any other scenario that ignites fear as the emotion, but triggers conversion. However, the experience isn’t negative, and customers are happy to purchase products that help to resolve their fears.

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