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Digital, Email, & Paperless Receipts

All Digital Receipts, Paperless Receipts, and Electronic Receipts are not made equal. Emailing a customer’s receipt as your follow up leaves the customer feeling disconnected from your Brand. Developing a dynamic e-receipt strategy with FiO enables you to build a strong connection with your customer and a stable two-way relationship for those who opt into your e-receipt program.

Those connections empower marketing teams to provide personalized messaging for every transaction for each customer. For example, you can remind a customer to order refills of their favorite product since it’s popular, and the supply is running low. The opportunities are endless.


Today, FiO’s patented technology transforms every sales receipt into an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction, support loyalty programs, and enhance relationships while reducing retailers’ carbon footprint.

Let Us Show You What e-Receipts Can Do




Dynamic Digital Electronic Receipts

FiO’s e-Receipts put the power back into the hands of retailers. Brands looking to maximizing the potential of Intelligent e-Receipts can customize key promotions, hyper-targeted messages, summary of savings and much more. Take your electronic receipts much further with personalized content specific to each customer.

Keeping customers informed through dynamic e receipts lets customers know what they are getting, shows them you care about their business, secures confidence in their purchase and savings, and continuously drives the customer back to your store for future purchases more often.

Dynamic Content



Location, Items Purchased, & Consumer History

Creating one Digital Receipt, or e-Receipt, using dynamic tags allows you to deliver unlimited versions of the email based on data from each customer transaction, truly enabling personalized e-receipts based on your customers’ purchase history.

When your tags are set the automated marketing engine does all the work for you. Based on data from each customer transaction, the content you create will be embedded and emailed with the e-receipt.

These dynamic tags inside the email allow your organization to apply unlimited and diverse content & image combinations based on your consumer data. The dynamic, hyper-personalized content speaks directly to each customer individually, thus yielding more interaction between your customers and brand.


A recent Forrester Research Study concluded, leveraging a Smart e receipt platform, as part of your CRM Platform, can allow you to send out highly targeted messages that increase and improved customer experiences.

Dynamic Links




Change The Way Consumers Link With Every Store

Linking to your social media, online store, surveys, and review sites is a normal part of promo emails. FiO’s Intelligent e-Receipt Solution takes these opportunities to the next level with powerful Dynamic Linking. Based on customer transactions, every link throughout your emails can be changed.

You could alert a customer of upcoming events, last-minute sales, or special offers. Plus, you can even remind them to refill their favorite products. Another benefit is continued communication about your business news, products, or their previously purchased items.

Intelligent e-Receipt Advantages



Marketing GOLD Mine In Receipt Data

An overlooked powerful marketing tool a brand has at its disposal is the e- Receipt. All retailers, online and off, are wanting to provide a better customer experience. To make that happen, you must understand the customer’s shopping habits and product preferences.

Develop Strategies From This Data:

  • Target different demographic segments based on geography or basket analysis
  • Drive more engagement
  • Suggestion programs to increase shopping cart basket size
  • Create unique events around specific calendar periods and limited time offers
  • Find and nurture partnership and synergistic co-op opportunities
  • Develop re-targeting programs for future Intelligent CRM activities
  • Customize accounts instead of a national umbrella program