Why FiO-Dynascreen

Relevance of information presented

FiO-Dynascreen is designed for you to change the presentation of information presented on a screen based on business requirements that change over time.

End User UX

FiO-Dynascreen will allow any superuser to provide a better UX for the end-user for example provide radio buttons, or dropdowns and control the List of Values without any developer assistance. FiODynascreen is packed with set of features that allow for a better User Experience.

FiO-Dynascreen gives developers the necessary tools and procedures to increase the efficiency of the development cycle by a factor of 20%. Further end users will only need to request developer assistance when the service layer needs to be changed.

FiO-Dynascreen is only offered as an Enterprise Edition.


Introducing FiO-Dynascreen!

Product Features

– Seamless integration and easy to deploy
Apache Ofbiz.

– Provide a replacement for Ofbiz static screens with state of the art FiO-Dynascreen that is flexible and can be modified with no developer support.

– Better end-user UX because of the organization of fields, Dropdowns, radio buttons are all configured by the super user.

– Increase programmer efficiency by 20% to deliver Add, Edit, and Update screens that can be customized by the end-user.

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