How to Achieve a Channel-Less Customer Experience

How to Achieve a Channel-Less Customer Experience

Most marketers are familiar with the omnichannel approach; which creates a customer experience across multiple channels that a company offers. However, the channel-less customer experience is gaining steam because it delivers a consistent message to the customer, no matter which channel or platform they use.

A channel-less customer experience refocuses the interaction from the channels to the customer. With a channel-less customer approach, the only thing that matters is your company’s connection with the customer. Consumers want to search, shop, and buy when they want to. They don’t care about omni, or multichannel experiences.

Think Like a Channel-Less Marketer

Example: A sponsored post on Instagram caught Jeff’s eye as he was scrolling through his feed. The sponsored post was for different swim trunks that were on sale for Memorial Day Weekend. Jeff clicks on the link to get more information about the swim trunks. In traditional omnichannel marketing, an email pop-up to join a mailing list or a browser-based remarketing campaign may ensue when Jeff hits the landing page. But a channel-less marketer understands that you need to strike while the customer (Jeff) is hot, or you can lose the sale. A channel-less marketer will offer a direct link to purchase the swim trunks and collect information on the customer for a future hyper-personalization experience.

Characteristics of a Channel-Less Customer Experience

Personalization is Key: Hyper-Personalization builds trust and a relationship with your customer, regardless of the channel. It’s the best way to keep customers engaged and returning to your business.

Keep it Simple: With so many ad banners, pop-ups, giveaways, and information online, a customer’s journey on your website should be simple. Going channel-less allows the customer to experience your site and/or services with ease without being time-consuming and annoying.

Transparency is Everything: Whether it’s through mobile, email, or the web, a channel-less approach should be transparent across all channels. Customers want the same special offers, promotions, and discounts from every channel with no misinformation.

Be Responsive: Anticipate a customer’s needs as they go through the buying journey. Customers want to choose between different delivery methods, payment options, and more. A channel-less customer experience is responsive to essential options that customers can choose from.

Personalize a Channel-Less Customer Experience with FiO’s CDP

To create a channel-less customer experience, marketers have used FiO’s CDP (customer data platform) to compile customer data and put it into unified customer profiles so they can use the information.

FiO’s CDP and iCRM (Intelligent CRM) are systems that collect and manage customer data, which support marketing and sales technologies.

To scale personalization, channel-less marketers need to adjust campaigns with changing customer signals to optimize the timing, content, offer, design, and journey of every experience. While this sounds overwhelming, the right engagement and customer data platform can dramatically reduce the complexity of a scaled personalization strategy.

FiO’s CDP is a marketer-managed system that merges and integrates data from multiple various sources into a single trusted repository. It provides accurate customer data to analytical and operational systems.

FiO understands how to put Intelligent CRM and CDP technology to work for your business so sales and marketing teams can manage all your company’s relationships and interactions with current and potential customers.

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