Hyper-Personalization: The 2020 Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Hyper-Personalization: The 2020 Marketing Strategy for Your Business

What is Hyper-Personalization, and Why Do You Need it in Your 2020 Marketing Strategy

Hyper-personalization marketing uses real-time data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to produce better and more relevant content, service information, and experience to each user.

FiO’s Hyper-Personalization Offering Needs to Become Part of Your Marketing Strategy for These Reasons:

1.Beat Your Competition by Becoming an Early Adopter

Only 9% of businesses have completed the development of a hyper-personalization strategy. These early adopters have the jump on the competition.

2.Focus on What Matters the Most

You will reap benefits any time you can improve the customer experience.  The more data you gather and understand regarding a customer’s behavior, the better you can apply insights and customize their experience.  A majority of marketing professionals rate applying data insights to decision-making as a top priority.

Ask this question: Is my strategy meeting my top priorities?  The answer should be “binary.” That means “YES” if the technology supports top priorities, “NO” if it doesn’t.  You need to find solutions that align with your top priorities.

3.How it Works!

An AI-powered hyper-personalization strategy is only getting better and more valuable.  One-third of marketers consider the improved effectiveness to be a significant leap forward. Investment in hyper-personalization will make a positive change — you just need to get started!

The better you can connect and communicate with your customers in a meaningful way, the more substantial the life-time value of that customer will be to your company. 

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