Growth Solutions for the Distribution Industry

Use FiO’s iCRM (Intelligent Customer Relationship Management) and iUCP (Intelligent Unified Commerce Platform) to interact with your present, past, and future customers. Identifying your customers and having a 360-degree view of who they are is key in the retail industry. FiO offers integrated solutions that work together to give you a full view of your customers so you can accurately market, sell to, and service your customers as a retailer. 

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

FiO’s iCRM offers intelligent solutions like CDP that will not only unify your customer profiles but will also provide you with all the order and marketing campaign data in one convenient location. CDP will also automatically segment your clients into economic, behavioral, and custom categories based upon purchasing habits, engagement data, and any demographic data made available. Stop working to gather your data and instead let your data work for you with Group FiO’s CDP.

Customer Engagement Platform (CEP)

As part of the greater iCRM solution, FiO’s Customer Engagement Platform will keep you in direct contact with your most valued clients. The intelligence behind CEP will identify and market to the segments that present the highest value. Whether its email/phone/SMS campaigns, running a promotion with coupons or requesting a survey, CEP is a one-stop-shop for your client interactions.


Loyalty Management System (LMS)

A loyalty program can be a valuable way to market to your existing clients. With FiO’s iCRM, you can get a loyalty solution that not only offers rewards but comes with an intelligent promotional engine that identifies the clients that are most likely to buy. This information is paramount, as your sales force will be provided with the clients that are the most active and price savvy, and thus most likely to purchase again.

Intelligent Unified Commerce Platform (iUCP)

Manage all your orders from multiple sales channels in one convenient location. The supply chain and order fulfillment can all be managed seamlessly with integrations to all major shipping carriers, tax solutions, and payment processors, which has never been as easy as it is with iUCP. Use the built-in intelligence to ship from multiple warehouses, keep your stock levels at the optimal level, and have the system monitor vendor lead time to improve purchasing habits and keep backorders to a minimum.