Intelligent Business Solutions with the Intelligent Assistant

Intelligent Assistant Drives Tasks and Services on Command

FiO’s Intelligent Assistant (IA) is software that assists people to perform tasks or services. Intelligent agent software applications complete a group of coordinated functions and activities. Intelligent assistants interact with people using AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, and voice recognition technology. They can do one or many of the following: maintain historical data, perceive and assist, and work autonomously. FiO’s intelligent business solutions are innovative and results-driven.

The term “chatbot” is interchangeable when virtual assistants are accessed via online chat. It can perform tasks or services for an individual such as directing someone to the right department or taking an online payment. By using process-centric AI, machine learning, and human synthesis, we enable organizations to interact with customers and to extract actionable insights across their business.

FiO partner’s with businesses to build a digital and analytics road map. We give context to sensitive analytics to inform the big data infrastructure build. Applications are then customized for predictive modeling and visualize actionable insights. This AI-powered analytics approach enables organizations to unlock their market potential by speeding up decisions that improve business outcomes. These machine learning applications can assist with the following:

· Analyze warranty data to identify safety or quality problems.
· Provide insurers with enhanced accuracy and detail actuarial modeling
· Predicts what items a particular customer is most likely to purchase.
· Identity credit scams in real-time and fraudulent insurance claims.
· Automate personalized targeting of digital advertising.

Intelligent assistants can significantly improve the customer experience when they engage a call center by gathering data, anticipating the customer’s needs, and learning about the customer’s behavior. Intelligent assistants understand simple requests and carry out complex tasks. Alexa and Siri are examples of popular, intelligent assistants. As technology improves IA will become more ubiquitous.