Leverage the Digital Customer Experience with FiO’s iCDP

Leverage the Digital Customer Experience with FiO’s iCDP

Due to the rise of COVID-19, millions of Americans have spent the first and second quarter of 2020 at home. They’re consuming movies, watching at-home fitness videos, spending time with family, and shopping at their leisure. The pandemic has caused retailers and brands to close their brick-and-mortar stores and to rely mostly on their digital platforms to generate sales. According to CNBC.com, online retail shopping has surged in recent months, which means the digital customer experience has never been more important.

A retailer’s digital infrastructure has to be solid. This includes e-mail marketing, social media, and an omnichannel-driven website. Mobile technology that includes virtual presentations, consultations, and even Instagram Live demonstrations can help keep your business going. But as customer touchpoints continue to expand, you need a solution that can collect and unify data, to deliver the ultimate digital customer experience.

FiO’s Intelligent Customer Data Platform (iCDP) is a real-time solution that compiles customer data and puts it into unified customer profiles that are used for targeted campaigns, list building, and to manage interactions with current and potential customers. FiO’s Intelligent Customer Data Platform solution delivers all customer data and simultaneously makes it useful to marketers, which supports revenue growth.

Many technologies report to provide a single view, 360-degree customer view, or a closed-loop integration, but in reality, that’s not the case.

What Retailers Need in a Customer Data Platform

FiO’s Intelligent Customer Data Platform can drive growth and personalize the digital customer experience in real-time. With iCDP you can:

1. Connect Your Data: Unite your marketing systems and streamline workflows with united customer profiles to discover insights for long-term personalization.

2. Create High-Value Segments: Tap into your customer records to create segments based on audience use cases, using intelligent workflows specifically created for marketers.

3. Activate Profiles in Real-Time: Use those segments to instantly test and deliver personalized experiences everywhere based on real-time updates to customer profiles.

B2C CDPs Need Functional Competency, Intelligence, and Automation Capabilities

CDP represents two significant game-changers.

1.) Functional Competency: Serve a purpose beyond centralizing data, span the entire customer journey, and to connect the entire eco-system.

By achieving the balance between advertising technology, marketing technology, and key privacy restrictions, the result will fulfill one of the marketer’s top priorities which are linking customer acquisition and customer retention marketing.

2.) Intelligence and Automation: Intelligence must have an AI foundation. FiO’s Intelligent Customer Data Platform can add value by delivering advanced algorithmic support to calculate “next best experience.” The critical second part is to “automate” decisions and orchestration in real-time.

FiO’s Intelligent Customer Data Platform Prevents Future Headaches

FiO’s Intelligent Customer Data Platform addresses all the needs that marketers want. FiO’s value proposition is the ability to break down data silos and coordinate data from multiple sources, and in doing so; create cross-departmental coordination and updated campaign processes to plug iCDP into the workflow so you can better understand and act on your customer’s behavior.

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