Linux Support

Group FiO provides a One-Stop Source for all Open Source Needs for any Organization. We provide cost-effective business ready solutions on services and subscription model using Linux, Windows and Open Source. Whether your servers are hosted with third parties or are located in your office, whether you require contracted unlimited support services or hourly support services, you’ll receive exceptional server support at all times by our expert’s team.

Group FiO provides extensive support in installing any Linux flavor of your choice, some of which are Redhat, Centos, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora, and Debian. We provide post-installation support in configuring the OS to maintain the best level of support to the application/database running. The support includes installing all required packages and when not available in traditional package format a program shall be compiled from scratch. Our services mainly focused on,

Disk Partitioning

Quickly resize, move, merge and split partitions without data loss to make better use of hard drive capacity. Easily clone disk and volumes to protect data or upgrade disk. Recover deleted or lost partitions on unallocated space due to any hardware/software failure or virus attack.

Mail Servers

We provide solutions to popular mail servers like Office 365, Gmail, Sendmail and Postfix. The support includes provision of Web interfaces for mail servers. The mail servers monitored at regular intervals to avoid downtime, crash, slowness, mail queue, mails getting deferred etc.

AntiVirus Setup

Proactive AV protection intercepts all known threats. For the most part, Linux is engineered in a fashion that makes it hard for viruses to run. However, there are many reasons you might want a virus scanner on your Linux PC: You are required to have a virus scanner installed by the terms of use of the company or are doing business with.

Security & System Hardening

A security audit shall be performed on all the servers on a need basis. We can help you in identifying most of the security flaws and hacks, attacks like DDOS, Beast, SQL injection, Buffer overflow attacks etc.


We have experts in virtualization solutions like VMware, Virtual Box and related tools. Creating virtual servers, pulling backup and managing the servers from remote locations as part of the support model.

RAID Configuration

We can perform the followings: Retrieve current configuration of RAID inventory, delete all virtual disks and un-assign all the hot spare physical disk drives, prepare any foreign physical disk drives for inclusion in the local configuration. Manage hot spares. Manage keys for self-encrypting drives.

Server Optimization & Patching

Reduce costs and increase speed by automating tasks such as provisioning, patching and compliance across physical and virtual server environments. Automated Provisioning and Patching, Continuous Compliance and Remediation, Software deployment, Complete Life-Cycle Management & Architecture and Scalability.

Web Servers

We provide support on web servers which includes installation, configuration, performance tuning and maintenance. We have good expertise in managing web servers like apache, Tomcat, IIS, Lighttpd etc. Setting up caching for web servers through reverse proxies such as Nginx, varnish and Memcached for database-driven websites can be done.

Networking Solutions

The network systems line LAN, VLAN, WAN can be set up and configured. We can set up custom rules for iptables to avoid security risks and a controlled environment.

Recovery and Backup Solutions

The support basket holds space also for backup solutions like complete file system backups, compressed backups, incremental backups and instantaneous backups.