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    • Scope Definition & Mobilization
    • Data & Systems Assessment
    • Define Pilot Scenarios – Execute Scenarios
    • Analyze Business Value & ROI
    • Identify Business Value
    • Build 2-3 Use Cases Using Your Data
    • Define, Monitor, and Optimize Any CX
    • Analyze Internal and External Systems and Identify Sources of Data Using Prescriptive Analytics & Hyper-Personalization
    • Define scope for pilot
    • Identify data required for analysis
    • Analyze internal and external systems and identify sources of data using Prescriptive Analytics & Hyper-Personalization
    • Define pilot scenarios
    • Execute Scenarios
    • Identify business value

    Marketing spend

    Gather a complete view of your Marketing spend effectiveness and ROI.

    As the standardization of products and services continues to shift towards AI-Powered Advanced Analytics radically, marketing spends continuously rises at unprecedented rates. Many businesses have yet to figure out ways to maximize benefits from their marketing resources. They must begin to leverage advanced Analytic Platforms, such as FiO’s Marketing Analytics Platform. We help increase ROI and reduce spend on marketing campaigns, identify marketing bottlenecks, generate more leads, and improve sales productivity.

    Improve Monthly ROI (MROI), create and optimize better marketing campaigns.

    Leading companies transform their sales and marketing models to gain an advantage in today’s world of complex business activities. Our Marketing Analytics Platform helps businesses evaluate marketing initiatives and their success rates. With our marketing platform, we integrate data across marketing channels to consolidate data into easy-to-understand marketing visuals, which provide precious insights for driving MROI.

    Unlock opportunities


    Unlock opportunities and discover the best marketing strategies using analytic dashboards.

    With our marketing analytic platform, you can do more than simulate various marketing outcomes using built in Prescriptive Analytics. Using our AI-powered platform ai-InteleKt™ and advanced statistical techniques, we automatically generate recommended marketing strategies. These are developed to optimize revenue, ROI, MROI, CX, and more. Companies leverage these tools and techniques to create impactful reporting by tracking KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), discovering trends in website activity, CPS, CTR, and so much more!


    Why Choose FiO Marketing Analytics Platform as your Provider?

    Domain expertise and growth mindset

    FiO is one of the world leaders in AI Powered Analytics committed to developing next-gen Marketing Solutions to help organizations tackle complex business challenges.

    Next Gen Marketing Analytic Models

    Our ai-InteleKt(tm) suite provides advanced statistical approaches through the platform, which accelerates your ability to make insightful decisions with complex data.

    Flexible Solutions

    The AI Powered Marketing Analytic Platform by FiO is flexible enough to evolve with your business and dynamic industry changes.

    Cross Domain Strategies

    We use the most advanced techniques, such as Prescriptive Analytics, in operations, R&D, and system thinking to develop and implement powerful cross domain strategies for our clients.

    FiO ai-InteleKt™ Built For:

    tick-icon Chief Marketing Officers—-Predicable ROI Is Here
    tick-icon Demand Generation—-Insights When You Need Them
    tick-icon Marketing Operations—-Your Ideal Data & Reporting Analysis
    tick-icon Market Analysis—-Drive Revenue With Real Insights and Recommendations
    tick-icon Finance Teams—-Increase You Return On Marketing Spend