Millennials Who Drink Enjoy Social Proof & Social Sharing


While a millennial might drink alone, they are more apt to share the experience with the whole world! Of millennials who drink wine, according to the Wine Market Council, over 50% talk about it on Facebook, and more than a 1/3 share on Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube. Instagram picture share is free advertising for brands and venues. They are just digitally social about their experiences with beer and spirits. 

Millennials are eager to know and are influenced by what their peers and experts say about alcohol products. About 60 percent consider wine reviews “extremely” or “very” important, compared to about 20 percent of baby boomers. They are changing how we talk about and buy things. 

Although Millennials are value-conscious, they use coupons and look for good deals. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t seek quality. They also equate price with quality. In short, mass media doesn’t have the same impact because they don’t believe it. Due to their connectedness to communities of interest, many millennials reject mass-marketed alcohol beverages and rely more on their social communities. This again helps fuel the rise in popularity of handcrafted, microbrewery, small-batch, single-barrel products, descriptors.   

However, it’d be a mistake to interpret that “desire for quality” translates directly to brand loyalty.  That means the industry has to be smarter and understand their customer’s journey better, not in terms of segmentation, but actually knowing and tapping into the market’s emotional analytics.

How to Develop Customer Loyalty with fickle, Variety Driven Millennial Consumers

We know that emotions and customer journeys are important. Emotion prepares customers to respond. When we design an experience that supports a journey to the full scope of emotion, results are seen in the bottom line. Increase positive results by serving every customer with a tailored fit experience.  

The primary driver of customer loyalty is emotion. Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) research shows that emotion is the strongest predictor of customer experience outcomes such as customer loyalty.

Take a closer look at your journey maps and journey data visualizations to figure out what the customer is seeing and experiencing. Approach it through the lens of emotion to better understand the experience of your customer. Make purchases from your own store or website, subscribe to your email list, follow every path you have laid out for your customer. This process will help you evolve journey mapping, measurement, and design. Also, you need to have the power of data and an ai-driven content marketing strategy like the kind FiO Analytics platform provides. Optimal customer journeys use a human approach that is enhanced by technology.

Need to develop a tailored fit? Want to learn exactly how to understand your “moving target” customer better and turn their customer journey into positive emotions that drive sales? You need to investigate FiO’s ai-driven analytics platform. Get a handle on millennials through data that gives insights.

The Millennial generation is far more connected to their communities of interest and aware of what they choose to consume than previous generations. That’s why they have a huge impact on many industries, including wine & spirit and food and beverage. 

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