Reach the Right Audience. At the Right Time. With the Right Message.

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With FiO’s Moments-in-Time Marketing Platform, real-time marketing to a ready-to-purchase audience becomes a reality.

Modern eCommerce is an ever-evolving entity, and to master it, you need to be the brand that knows how to establish high customer engagement and resonate with audiences at just the right time on their path to purchase. 

Easier said than done? Not if you have the right data and tech tools backing up your marketing efforts. To make an impact, marketers have to be ready with tailored messaging, relevant products, and mobile deployment the moment the consumer wants them. FiO’s Moments-in-Time Marketing Platform harnesses the unique synergy of data integration with contextually intelligent communication solutions to leverage real-time data analytics (such as location, user demographics, activities, etc.) that deliver highly curated, personal experiences on mobile devices.

FiO’s Moments-in-Time Marketing Platform Features

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