Monetize Your Data with Innovative Strategies And Tools!

Monetize Your Data with Innovative Strategies And Tools!

Businesses collect data from a variety of sources that can include ERP systems, web traffic, customer purchases, point of sale systems, and more. But with so much data, marketers often find themselves trying to figure out what to do with it. The best thing to do is to monetize your data with innovative strategies and tools. Having access to high-quality data is important for marketers because it helps companies reduce their costs, find new customers, and improve current customer relationships. 

CMO’s and Marketers can monetize rich data they already possess – a proven tactic to generate more revenue from a digital economy. Additionally, C-level decision-makers from companies of every size and structure stand to benefit from monetizing their data. 

85% of Retail Companies Are Not Fully Leveraging Their Customer Data 

Businesses who use guided analytics to analyze and extract value from their data will remain competitive. However, did you know that 85% of all retail companies are not fully leveraging their customer data capabilities, technologies, and processes to improve relationships and communicate with their customers? 

To close that gap quickly companies such as Hertz, Rockport, and DBS are using FiO iCRM platforms. They are monetizing their data to have a competitive advantage. FiO iCRM leverages data into proactive actionable strategies to reinforce better customer experiences and customer empowerment. 

FiO Can Help You Shore Up the Gaps That Are Preventing You From Maximizing Results 

FiO’s iCRM combines and automates its Customer Data Platform, Customer Engagement Platform, Customer Service Platform, Loyalty Management Platform, and Intelligent Assistant, which allows you to shore up the gaps in outdated technology and permits better understanding and communication with your customers. 

It improves all aspects of your customer’s experience and enables hyper-personalization and micro-segmentation. It leverages your data, without needing a large team of data scientists, into actionable strategies so you can increase revenue and enhance customer engagement long-term. 

The Benefits of FiO’s iCRM 

  • Connects your data into real-time decision making that drive action and deliver value
  • Develops analytic tools to guide managers to better decisions 
  • Considered one of the essential type of technologies moving forward 

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