MySQL Support

Remote DBA Service

Let our experts manage your database so you can focus your business

Group FiO Remote DBA services provide comprehensive, around-the-clock remote administration of your most critical databases. We provide architecture and design advice, project assistance and outsourcing, database tuning and performance optimization, and 24×7 monitoring and alert response tailored to your specific environment. These services are performed on your behalf by the industry’s leading team of DBAs and data performance experts.


Group FiO offers support options

  • Monitoring Alert Response and Resolution
  • Database Backups
  • Backups Restoration
  • Onboarding and Periodic Audits
  • Proactive Tuning and Maintenance
  • MySQL and Systems Verification
  • MySQL Replication
  • Flexible Contact Methods
  • Unlimited Operational Tasks
  • High Availability Monitoring
  • 15-Minute SLA
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Support Service

Database support you can count on Designed for the way you do business

Group FiO Support is a highly responsive, effective, affordable option to ensure the continuous performance of your MySQL deployments. Our user-friendly Support team is accessible 24×7 online or by phone to ensure that your databases are running optimally. We can help you increase your uptime, be more productive, reduce your support budget, and implement fixes for performance issues faster.


The Remote DBA service includes

  • Support for MySQL
  • Cluster and High Availability Support
  • Enterprise Level Support
  • Support Policies
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Consulting Service

Expertise, where and when you need it

Group FiO consultants have decades of experience solving complex database and data performance issues and design challenges. Our global 24/7/365 expert database team has worked with clients worldwide, including the retail stores on the Internet, who use Group FiO Server for MySQL. Our consultants work both remotely and on-site. We can also provide full-time or part-time interim staff to cover employee absences or provide extra help on big projects.


Group FiO MySQL Consulting offers services for

  • Performance Optimization
  • Infrastructure Architectural Design
  • High Availability
  • Upgrades and Migrations
  • Server and Database Automation
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