Group FiO and has partnered with Experian QAS

Mississauga, Canada – 9th July 2013 – Group FiO, a leading enterprise ERP, CRM, OMS and marketing solutions provider, has partnered with Experian QAS to provide customers with data quality software and services. “Integrating Experian QAS” technology safeguards Group FiO customers from inaccurate contact data as it is entered and leveraged in their data management system.” In addition, Group FiO customers will benefit from:  

  • Cost savings from eliminating costs associated with returned shipments, correction surcharges and staff rework
  • Productivity through improved speed and accuracy of data entry so staff members can focus on higher priority efforts
  • Better business intelligence by enhancing the effectiveness of data analytics and de-duplication efforts and achievement of a single customer view.

For more information on Experian QAS or Group FiO please visit their websites and