Unlock the Value of Open Platform Technology

We Build Enterprise Grade Open Source Solutions

We help customers unlock the tremendous potential of open-source software by creating state-of-the-art applications which enable companies to innovate faster - without the typical high cost or restrictions of proprietary software - all with the confidence of commercially supported software.

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A Flexible and Affordable Alternative

As companies look for ways to be more agile and competitive, open-source solutions are proving to be a useful tool. In fact, many of today’s hottest new enterprise technologies are built with open source tech. As a result, many large companies - from retailers to financial giants – are building their businesses around community-based software.

Our clients include enterprise customers seeking an alternative to closed enterprise systems to address a particular need where these systems fall short. With the use of open platform development, we quickly build robust, scalable integrated business applications to fit the most sophisticated requirements.

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Why Choose Open Source Based Solutions

Vendor Independance

Commercial software binds companies to the software manufacturer. As solutions become more entrenched and customers more dependent on the vendor, this puts the customer in an unfavorable position and at the mercy of the vendor. With open-source, the power remains in the hand of the customer. This ensures vendors will continue to work hard to retain customers rather than relying on technology lock to sustain the business relationship.

Qaulity and Security

Enterprise open source projects benefit from the collective knowledge of the vast community. This enables them to innovate much faster and to produce high-quality source code that conforms to security best practices.

Uninhibited by Costly Licenses

As you grow your technology stack, oftentimes unforeseen requirements can lead to hefty budget creep. What appeared to be an affordable software application can quickly become a hefty cost burdon. Open platform solutions are uninhibited by license fees

Open Standards

Open standards software reduces risk and improves system interoperability, security and service continuity. Open source also reduces time to market vs. custom or commercial solutions.

Uninhibited License Fees
Source products typically feature lower license fees or no license fees at all such as Pimcore. You can do the development in-house or by freely selected IT service providers. Therefore, Open Source often provides the lowest

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