Group FiO announces the latest bug fixes done in the opentaps basecode along with the enhancement to be done in future releases

Mississauga, Canada – March 28, 2013 – Group FiO a leading provider of innovative business solutions for SMB announces its release of 2012.2 of myFiO ERP – The most complete and affordable on-demand ERP for SMB’s.

myFiO ERP is a comprehensive professional edition based on of Opentaps and OFBIZ Open source frameworks. Group FiO offers commercial grade software support services and state of the art implementation services to help our customers achieve faster ROI.

With the release, as in others, Group FiO continues to fix bugs and make enhancements. To learn more about the latest modifications and enhancements in myFIO ERP please visit

As noted by an industry specialist who assessed myFiO ERP recently – “MyFiO ERP is a strong and feature rich application that is aligned and built to help the business be efficient and effective. It has all the functions for a business to operate such as CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Content Management, Financial, Inventory, Manufacturing, Loyalty, Data migration, Order Management and HR. Reporting and the dashboards help to quickly ascertain where the next focus needs to be for increased ROI.”

Group FIO is a leading provider of innovative business solutions specializing in professional edition ERP, CRM, Multi Channel Order Management and Retail Marketing Systems. Please call (905) 364 5327 to learn more about our offerings.