Group FiO Inc. provides a customer centric approach to marketing with its Professional edition of Open Source – Multi-Tenant Retail Marketing System called “myFiO RMS.”

There is no dearth of Email Marketing software in the market today. Most of these are stand alone systems which allow a business to send out emails and collect performance stats for the mailing. For these stats to be meaningful marketing information they have to be transported back to the CRM making the exercise a cumbersome and time consuming process.

myFiO RMS on the other hand offers a true Multi-Tenant Retail Marketing System which seamlessly integrates a powerful email marketing engine with CRM thus taking away the pain of transporting mailing stats and data into the CRM for analysis or AB testing. The 2 systems are always in sync. Set up the email/SMS template in the Email engine, Set up the marketing campaign, mailing lists and the date and time for deployment in your CRM. Now sit back and relax. The mailing will be automatically sent at the scheduled time. Mailing stats such as Who opened, Who clicked, What links were clicked, Who unsubscribed etc will be automatically populated in the Customer profile section of CRM. It’s that easy!

What you can do with myFiO RMS

1. Segment or tag your CRM database based on Age, Gender, Buying profile, geographic location or any other customised attribute that makes business sense to you.

2. Target your mailing audience by pulling mailing lists based on segments/ tags.

3. View and interpret your marketing campaign results from CRM.

4. View detailed campaign reports as well track individual customer responses to your marketing efforts.

5. In addition to all of the above myFiO RMS features a robust Customer Service ticket system allowing you to handle customer support efficiently.

6. When you are ready you can add modules like Multi-Channel Sales, ERP and Order Management System all specifically tailored for Small and Medium Sized Businesses to further increase the power of myFiO RMS.