Achieve Operational Excellence with Intelligent Data Driven Custom Solutions

Analytics-As-A-Service (AaaS)

FiO Professional Services help clients achieve better performance through data by developing them into the analytic driven organization and create a competitive advantage by identifying and capturing the most meaningful insights from their data.


A Growing Global Footprint




What Is FiO Professional Services?

The FiO Consumer and Marketing Analytics Center can be accessed by teams in any global office worldwide.

Our growing global team of dedicated affiliates has successfully brought FiO methodology to manufacturing and retail clients in DIY, home furnishings, sporting goods, apparel, and grocery covering topics ranging from category management to pricing and promotions.

Featured Capabilities

  • Hyper Personalization
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Customer Journey Analytics
  • Closed Loop Integration
  • Intelligent Unified Commerce

FIO Professional Services experts draw upon pioneering solutions. For example, we develop and refine our tools in close and collegial cooperation with clients. We create tailormade solutions to address new business functions, data sources, and challenges.

How Does It Work?



The Power Of Intelligence

FIO aims to help clients become more intelligent. FiO Professional Services helps transform organizations into information driven companies. Outcomes and daily operational processes become better throughout the organization, from boardroom executive to the frontline staff.

FiO helps demonstrates how insights can inform confident, fact-based decisions by demystifying the language of analytics. We help identify nuggets of hidden performance drivers in traditional and non-traditional data functions and align the critical streams of data for big picture insights from operations, customer experience, HR talent, Marketing, and more.

FiO Professional Services attach artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and predictive analytics to streamline decision making, spark innovative growth, and allow you to seize opportunities.

We help you create an agile and responsive finance function. By embracing change in customer needs & behaviors and emerging technologies, you can eliminate cumbersome processes, nonintegrated systems, and outdated heterogeneous structures.


Focus On Growth




Unlock Your True Potential

Consumers have been empowered by technology to be better informed. They are adept at moving seamlessly between channels and are becoming more demanding than ever. They expect value for their money and have come to expect a personalized experience that matches their needs.

FiO Professional Services can help analyze a customer’s sales data and integrate it with other information sources to unearth hidden insight about buying behavior, patterns, and what they are likely to buy next.

The Bottom Line

Our professional services can help reposition, restructure, and focus on profitability and growth. Let FiO Professional Services Create help you achieve operational excellence, optimize productivity, and reduce costs.