Retailers Shift to a Unified Commerce Strategy in 2020

Retailers Shift to a Unified Commerce Strategy in 2020

In our previous blog post, we discussed the importance of digital customer experience. Superior digital customer experience is achieved by providing a seamless experience across digital channels during the customer’s buying journey. Unified commerce is a high-level approach that some retailers have moved to because it delivers an excellent customer experience by offering continuity across both digital and physical channels. Unified commerce can be properly executed when all aspects of the retailer’s business are connected, which includes when customers are browsing for a product or service, e-commerce, inventory management, sales, and fulfillment.

Bad Unified Commerce Strategy: Sarah saw a Facebook carousel ad for several sunglasses. She noticed that the black sunglasses were on sale for 50% off. So, she clicked on the link to purchase the black sunglasses; however, she realized that the shopping cart didn’t have the 50% off discount applied. Sarah didn’t want to pay full price, so she left the retailer’s website and never returned.

Good Unified Commerce Strategy: Davon saw an ad for 25% off on brown boots on his Instagram feed during lunch. He clicked on the link which took him directly to the shopping cart with the 25% off discount applied. The retailer also featured a “Recommended Items” section in the shopping cart that displayed jackets for 10% off. Davon added a jacket to his order and proceeded to check-out and pay. The retailer has now recorded the customer’s buying habits and will use this information to provide similar offers to returning and new customers.

FiO’s Intelligent Unified Commerce Platform

Retailers are measured by the seamless shopping experiences that they offer. That’s why you need an integrated unified commerce platform that can separate you from your competitors and help you gain your customer’s trust.  FiO’s Intelligent Unified Commerce platform takes the omnichannel experience to the next level by delivering a centralized platform for retailers. The platform combines e-commerce (mobile commerce), order fulfillment, inventory management, and customer relationship management (iCRM).

FiO’s Intelligent Unified Commerce allows for the consolidation of many operating systems, servers, devices, licenses, and applications inherent in omnichannel sales solutions. Working together, it provides comprehensive customer profiles to facilitate insightful sales initiatives while giving consumers an improved customer experience.

The magic of a cloud-based unified commerce platform like FiO’s solution lies in its ability to integrate retailers with different software solutions into one pane of glass. The solution links legacy systems, data, and services across the entire platform in real-time by using application program interfaces (APIs), master data management (MDM) solutions, business process management (BPM) systems, and more.

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