Customer Data Platform

Unify customer profiles across the entire technology stack and autonomously transform data into actionable insights that power impactful personalized experiences

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Retail Marketing System

Use realtime data to create and deliver rich personalized content accross mobile, sms, web, email, social, and print reciept

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Omnichannel Commerce

Centrally manage and orchistrate sales, inventory, and fulfillment across multiple channels, global marketplaces, web stores, suppliers and warehouses

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Transform Your Retail Business with Powerful Growth Solutions

By consolidated customer data and empowering effective marketing and commerce at scale, we help brands drive transformational business outcomes.

The Technology Imperative for a Customer Driven Economy

To effectively deliver on the omnichannel promise of the past, retailers have recognized the need for a unified commerce model. A recent study by Boston Retail Partners found 81% of retailers plan to offer unified commerce by the end of 2020.

Unified commerce involves integrating the entire customer experience by merging marketing and commerce functions, systems, and data. The key objectives are to enable seamless and personalized shopping experiences for customers through a unified operational process and tech stack for retailers. With decades of retail marketing and commerce experience, we are helping brands deliver on their omnichannel aspirations through unified commerce solutions.

Unified Commerce

Group FiO offers an integrated suite of marketing and commerce solutions built specifically for retail and consumer goods businesses. And provides an ultra-flexible and affordable foundational platform for unified commerce.

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Buy/Fulfill/Return Anywhere

Offer a unified experience and orchestrate marketing, sales, inventory, and fulfillment across multiple stores, marketplaces, e-commerce sites, suppliers and warehouses

Amplify Marketing

Engage customer and deliver intelligent, connected, and personalized experiences throughout the buyer journey to drive more conversions and build brand loyalty

Scale and Grow

Quickly develop new markets, sales channels, and business models while improving accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction through automation and intelligent tools