Cornerstones for FiO eSolutions

  1. Streamline business process resulting in operational efficiencies costs reduction. Powerful software tools to create fully functional websites that can be integrated with business software already in use (e.g. accounting or inventory management solutions).
  2. Content Management tools and data management services to add or change content quickly, easily and often. Social networking/community based applications to promote client’s sites and goods to the consumer asset base.
  3. Professional Creative Services for appropriate aesthetics and appeal (Image, Branding, etc.) Marketing and Business Intelligence that provide valuable data unique to an on-line business model. Software as a Service (SaaS) business model to minimize risk and initial cost barriers.

 FiO value to our clients

  1. The majority of Business owners acknowledge they do not make money (or enough money) on-line. Our services help them increase sales revenue and expand market exposure.
  2. FiO provides a single-source bundle of services required to effectively compete in the online market with competitors of any size, including big-box retail or ‘e-tail’ giants.
  3. A completely outsourced solution providing the skills and knowledge that allows client to focus on their core competency.
  4. Integrated inventory management solutions to maximize the use of existing stores through local store order fulfillment.

FiO value preposition

  1. Minimize risk and up-front costs and offer our software and services on a risk share SaaS model. Maximize our profits by blending the SaaS with a services model where our cost is recovered by the initial upfront payment. This is possible because of our lower cost India development center.
  2. On-going involvement of SaaS model creates an environment where we are actively engaged partners with a vested interest in the clients’ measurable and sustainable success, which also presents opportunities for additional billable work in the future. We become their ‘web’ department – or at very least their web-advisors. Leverage our Indian services center to keep costs under control and be very competitively priced in our markets.
  3. Have an on-going service model to capture more of the retailer’s budget in areas where retailers traditionally spend money, such as advertising and creative services.