Find Out if Your Business Ready for ERP

Is this a busy time for your business? As yourself the questions below and find out if your business is pacing through the growth stage.

Why Quickbook is not a Good Option for a Growing Organization?

QuickBooks used to be a best fit for companies that are start-ups but as the company grows they realize that it is not the right choice to pace up the success of the company. You can be feeling trapped in the same situation. The dilemma is based upon the stage in which your company is- Infancy or Growth.

Why Should Small and Mid Sized Business Use ERP

There is no doubt that every small and medium business will acquire an asset for marketing or the production floor that will help the business to grow and make more money. Only a few will invest in business software that will help in overall process efficiency. A good number of owners of small and medium enterprises prefer managing their inventories, accounts and invoice with spreadsheets and other off the shelf business software. They think that ERP software is only good for large companies that have complex tasks to carry out. The truth is that ERP is invaluable for the small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SMEs). Contrary to the thinking of many owners of small and midsized businesses, ERP is not all that expensive. This eBook reviews the importance of ERP for the SMEs.

Does your CRM help you Market better?

Customer Relationship Management is a model that manages a company’s interaction with its present and future customers. At Group FiO, we organize customer information, automate and synchronize sales, marketing and customer service.

Your Customers need more than full Shelves and Competitive prices

Forward-thinking retailers have to address the challenge of the omnichannel model quickly if they haven’t already. All customers expect great service levels when they interact with brands through various channels. Most of the retailers are ill-prepared to fulfill this expectation of the customers owing to inflexible and in-efficient system and processes. Meeting the requisitions of an omnichannel customer is not just any usual trial; it requires engagement with the following paramount principles- uninterrupted commerce, order instrumentation and fulfillment, advanced business models and future-ready. In order to execute these principles, there must be strong Integration and automation of business process from all departments.