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The FiO Partner Program is designed to reward and recognize partners for their sales and business development expertise. We provide opportunities to expand your bolt on products and services on our marketplace.

Being an FiO partner will allow you to engage and leverage FiO eSolutions in your areas of specialty and focus. FiO will also support you with dedicated team that will be vested in your success.

Enrollment is as simple as a short online questionnaire. Once accepted FiO will provide you with the tools and support you need to help you succeed!

Program Highlights

  • Simple and easy to understand partner program structure.
  • Enrollment – Joining starts with a simple online enrollment questionnaire. After your application is accepted, you will receive a dedicated access to our reseller portal and an account manager to help you position and sell!
  • Sales and support content for partners on the Partner Portal to help you sell and support clients better.
  • Benefits are tied to the level of revenue generated.
  • SPIF program – The SPIF (Sales Performance Incentive Fund) is designed to reward partners for generating demand for FiO e-Solutions.
    • Reward for the best pre-sales contributions.
    • Reward for the best product development contributions.
    • Reward for qualifying large opportunities.
  • Partners are financially incented and supported by our specialists in your industries and verticals you are addressing.
  • Ability to request an exclusive geographic and industry segment for a specific duration.
  • Partnership opportunities to position your unique bolt on product or services on our marketplace.
  • You will be paid based on gross margin for the life time of the client.
  • Listing of partner profile on the FiO website.

The SPIF program is designed to provide monetary benefits partners and its employees who can demonstrate that their value-added selling activities contributed to the closure of a qualifying subscription purchase, whether or not the partner fulfills the sale. Opportunities must be forecasted, registered, and accepted by FiO.


  • Online registration and partner profile.
  • Minimum of 10 referrals per quarter or 1 sale per quarter to continue being active.
  • Minimum of 3 referrals in the first 60 days.


  • Tiered pricing based on size of the business.
  • Special pricing for non profit.
  • 1 free version for the Partner with the first closed deal.
  • Access to the FiO CRM for:
    • Prospect registration.
    • Opportunity registration.
    • Product demo requests.
    • Product presentations.
    • Sales presentations.
    • Marketing materials (Logos, Fonts, Messaging…).
    • Sales trainings.
  • A partner manager to better serve your needs and joint marketing efforts.
  • SPIF & Co-branded marketing programs.
  • Listing of partner on the FiO website.
  • Partnership opportunities to position your unique bolt on product or services on the FiO marketplace.
  • Access to dedicated support.
  • Access to pre-sales support.

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Group FIO Partner Program - Benefits

Referral Partner Solutions Provider Business Services Provider
Benefits Silver Gold Silver Gold Silver Gold
Referral fee
Group FIO Partner Connect
Use of Group FIO Trademarks, logos & URL’s
Online sales training
Online Product Training
Marketing funds
Partner Manager
Lead distribution
Instructor-led product training
Group FIO Partner Program - Requirements

Referral Partner Solutions Provider Business Services Provider
Requirements Silver Gold Silver Gold Silver Gold
Apply online
Sign agreements
Actively promote Group FIO
Joint business planning
Share in customer billing
Minimum seats sold per year
Provide level 1 support
Service & Support enablement
Partner sales training
Partner Product training
Named partner manager