Customer Data Platform

Unify Customer Data to Improve Your Customer Experience

The purpose of the customer data platform is to compile customer data and put it into unified customer profiles so marketers can glean and use the information.

Many technologies claim to provide a single view or 360-degree customer view, but in reality, that’s not so. Not until now. FiO’s CDP (Customer Data Platform) solution delivers all the data and simultaneously makes it useful to marketers.

The customer data platform is expected to reach $3.3 billion by 2023. Customer data platform and customer relationship management (CRM) are systems that collect and manage customer data, which support marketing and sales technologies.

The customer data platform is a marketer-managed system that merges and integrates data from multiple various sources into a single trusted repository. It provides accurate customer data to analytical and operational systems.

FiO understands how to put Intelligent CRM and CDP technology to work for your business so sales and marketing teams can manage all your company’s relationships and interactions with current and potential customers.

Through easy-to-use software solutions, our goal is to improve contact management, sales management, productivity, and ultimately your business relationships.

Customer data platforms can build customer profiles by integrating data from a variety of primary, secondary and tertiary sources for highly targeted segmentation marketing, prediction, and personalization.

FiO’s CDP levels the playing field between online and offline businesses regarding getting customer data. Putting customer characteristics at the center of FiO’s CDP can help your organization leverage the data to deliver a better customer experience.

Our CDP delivers dynamic profiles using both known and unknown data for a real-time customer profile. Real-time activation is delivered through pre-built API’s that enable a personalized experience for a customer. It can handle complicated customer journeys while managing millions of customer data points, profiles, and segments. The good news is the seamless integration with existing technology gives the power to marketers and the IT team, all with the help from AI and machine learning


Personalize The Entire Customer Experience in Real-Time

Drive growth with personalized marketing

To scale personalization, marketers need to be able to adjust campaigns with changing customer signals to optimize the timing, content, offer, design, and journey of every experiance at any given time.  While this sounds overwellming, the right engagement  and customer data platfom can dramaticly reduce the complexity of a scaled personalization strategy.


Build Persistent Cross-Platform User Profiles to Drive One-to-One Experiences

Activate data with intelligence-driven insights

CDPs help go-to-market teams create a better customer experience. Fragmented data and applications can often lead to disjointed customer experiences with different functional team using different data.  A CDP remedies this by serving as a central point to manage data and interactions across the entire lifecycle of an account, from acquisition through retention and growth.