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Build a Strong Data Culture With a Robust CDP

Unify your customers’ brand touch points and data across all platforms and channels and create a Central Repository of Truth with FiO’s CDP

Collect Data

Integrate data sources with ease and track user actions in real-time

Unify Profiles

Get a 360-degree view of your customers with actionable insights

Protect Data

Ensure data security with role based access control and real-time alerts

What Makes FiO CDP The Best-In-Class?

Join 500+ global brands that prefer FiO Customer Data Platform over others

Personalize The Entire Customer Experience in Real-Time

Drive growth with personalized marketing

To scale personalization, marketers need to be able to adjust campaigns with changing customer signals to optimize the timing, content, offer, design, and journey of every experiance at any given time. While this sounds overwellming, the right engagement and customer data platfom can dramaticly reduce the complexity of a scaled personalization strategy.

Prevent Data
Rich Customer Profiles

Build Persistent Cross-Platform User Profiles to Drive One-to-One Experiences

Activate data with intelligence-driven insights

CDPs help go-to-market teams create a better customer experience. Fragmented data and applications can often lead to disjointed customer experiences with different functional team using different data. A CDP remedies this by serving as a central point to manage data and interactions across the entire lifecycle of an account, from acquisition through retention and growth.

CDP That Gives You Super Powers!

Take the leap toward becoming a data-driven supermarketer! Evolution begins here.

User Attributes

Acquisition Channels

Channel Reachability

User Events

Device Technology


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