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Today’s Businesses Can’t Afford to Have Siloed, Inaccessible Data. Create a Central Repository of Truth That Makes Customer Data the Focus of Your Entire Enterprise

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Customer Data analytics

100+ global brands believe in FiO Customer Data Analytics Platform


Enable Data Inflow with Seamless 3rd-party Integrations

Make sure no data falls through the cracks! Leverage our SDK to import data from 3rd-party sources and make it easy for different systems to communicate with each other through Marketing Automation.



Identify drop-offs across the marketing and sales funnels


Learn about the series of events that lead to a specific outcome


Understand engagement trends of a cohort by day, week, month

Live Analytics

Real-time analytics on your fingertips with detailed reporting


Discover the How, Why, When that encourages app uninstalls

Integrate with the Service Provider You Prefer

Group FiO’s Customer Data Analytics Platform gives you the tools to understand customer attribution, utilize anomaly detection, and implement cohort analysis. You can easily visualize, analyze, share, and act on insights with machine learning and automated tools.

Optimize Your Sales Funnels with FiO

With Customer Data Analytics, your insights aren’t limited to specific channels. Data can be collected and processed from nearly any source – online or offline – so that you can have a complete picture of your customers and analyze their behaviors throughout their journey.

A better way to direct your marketing budget is through customer attribution, anomaly detection, and cohort analysis. You can easily visualize, analyze, share, and act on insights with machine learning and automated tools.

Optimize Your Sales

Make your campaigns a success with sophisticated analytics


Hyper Personalization

Group FiO’s Data Analytics Platform allows you to create deeply personalized customer journeys of your brand through coordinated, informed actions & campaigns. Track the journey taken by each lead and customer so you always know their preferred path, chosen messaging, service background, behavioral patterns, and purchase history.

Customer Journey Analytics

Track every step of your customer’s journey through your brand ecosystem with a customer data platform that stores, connects, and combines customer data from website interaction, purchases, engagement, attributes, market data, and more.

Prescriptive Analytics

Take control of your customer’s lifetime value by employing the power of true artificial intelligence (AI). Forecast outcomes based on behavioral data, historical sales, and actions to accelerate the customer journey toward your desired outcome or goals, such as purchasing a product or requesting a quote for service.

Make your campaigns a success with sophisticated analytics

From Funnels and Cohorts to real-time analytics and custom reporting. The perfect analytics platform for growth-oriented teams.

Events analytic

Single view of revenue cycle

Real-time data

Intuitive visualization

Granular data drill-down

Custom reporting

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Identify high-priority customer segments with RFM modeling or create on-demand segments based on customer personas and behaviors in real-time.

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Create workflows, set rules, select channels, and run contextual campaigns at scale with customer and business-triggered events.

App Personalization

Leverage a combination of behavioral data and targeted segmentation, to deliver unique app experiences to your customers.

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