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FiO Moment Marketing Services enables real-time marketing to a ready-to-purchase audience.

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100+ global brands believe in FiO Moment Marketing Platform


Augment Your Entire Marketing Process

Having a great product or service means little if consumers don’t know about it. But many small to mid sized companies lack the bandwidth and know-how needed to compete in today’s crowded eCommerce world. And large organizations are continually looking for ways to run leaner while still improving efficiency and ROI. FiO’s Managed Marketing Services (MMS) enables brands to take their marketing to next generation status. From concept to execution, FiO’s MMS can boost your marketing efforts and produce real results.

The Structure


End to End Marketing Strategy Solutions

FiO uses a Managed Service Model to augment your existing marketing team or if need be, serve as your entire digital marketing solution.

FiO’s marketing experts function as a marketing partner, collaborating with your internal stakeholders and manage your outsourced vendors to deliver a cohesive, unified brand experience over your entire ecosystem.

Meet your sales numbers, idenitfy trouble spots and communication gaps by setting goals, monitoring results, and providing feedback in real-time through organization-wide dashboards, reports, and analytics.


A Tailored Fit



Marketing Campaign Management

Successful marketing campaigns are the life blood of small and midsize businesses. FiO’s Managed Marketing Services (MMS) gives you complete campaign management services and content tools customized to your goals and scalable to your needs.

Our campaign management team will set up campaign parameters, select and track offers tied to campaign events, create high volume email, manage social media channels, produce SMS campaigns and more.

Customize campaigns based on real customer insight that intensify the customer experience and utilize predictive analytics to inform future goals with real customer intel.


Build Revenue


Marketing Operations Management

Keep marketing focused on marketing targets and objectives as it relates to its contribution to revenue.

Marketing operations management helps you:

  • Outsource to FiO operational and specialized functions so that you can move internal staff to more strategic roles.

  • Attain marketing goals while taking full advantage of limited resources, time, and investment.

  • Simplify and reduce marketing role/responsibility confusion and operational ambiguity by having a streamlined operations model.
Marketing Operations

Create Content



Marketing Content Management

FiO’s Marketing Content Management focuses on creating compelling content and brand building. It does this by developing the right balance of media across several emerging digital channels.Marketing Content Management can help:
  • Recognize and comprehend the impact of social media on brand reputation.
  • Optimize website conversions, improving paid search, and ad spend ROI and improve organic search results and rankings.
  • Confirm media measurement and optimization

Managed Services Process


Managed Services Process

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Getting Started

We recommend starting with a Marketing Services Diagnostic as the best way to initiate Managed Marketing Services (MMS). FiO MMS helps determine the right services mix and operating model, which defines which operations to perform.

Drive ROI and achieve your growth objectives through a roadmap. It creates a template to enable improvements, including key performance indicators. It also identifies “quick wins” to build a foundation of success.

Once the roadmap is agreed upon, we help you bring the vision into reality. Operational or highly specialized functions are identified and outsourced to FiO. It enables a company to assign internal staff to more strategic roles. Expertise is leveraged, where it can make the most significant impact.

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