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Use iCRM to Intelligently Interact With Your Present, Past, and Future Customers

Accelerate The Evolution of How You Do Business. 

Retail is a fast-paced industry where trends are born, profits can increase and consumers are looking for the next big must-have. As customers become increasingly tech-savvy, their expectations towards retail service continue to evolve and so the industry must keep up.

Retailers no longer define customers by the channels they shop in or the devices they use. They consider them as areas of the customer experience that enable new opportunities for sustaining service excellence. FiO’s iCRM (Intelligent CRM) platform merges disparate front-end and back-end systems into one platform. The technology is not a standalone, separate entity; instead, it blends seamlessly into the retailer’s business foundation, providing agile and efficient service at every touch point.

Businesses realize that they can’t have critical departments like sales, marketing, and customer service in separate silos. There is a need for better integration within departments. Advances in CRM software are accelerating the evolution of how organizations do business.


This is important for companies because this is a major evolution to get deeper access to how your customers interact with your business and your brand, to how users manage workflows that our iCRM solutions provide to enhance the customer experiences, and customer empowerment. iCRM solutions are believed to be crucial for business decision-makers.

Elevate Your Customer Experience

Having deeper access to how your customers interact with your business and your brand, or how users manage workflows is what our iCRM solutions are designed to do. It reinforces customer experiences and customer empowerment.

iCRM helps businesses and retailers become more customer-centric, as they can determine their customers’ demands and wishes. For example, with the help of knowledge gained through iCRM, retailers can make well-informed business decisions about ordering the correct number of items supported by the customers’ behavior. The increased efficiency will save time and money for any retail corporation.

Using our iCRM algorithms, retail businesses can run targeted segmented marketing campaigns based on specific customer characteristics like region, preferences, gender, purchasing habits, and more. The results will improve customer loyalty and retention. A more personalized customer experience creates a better, stronger and loyal relationship to a brand. Retail brands are now able to use improved analytics for the better growth of their business. The FiO iCRM enables the retail world to help consumers feel more connected, mobile, social, and it opens the doors for more opportunities.


CDP – Customer Data Platform

The Customer Data Platform is a marketer-managed platform that stores, connects and combines customer data from website interaction, purchases, engagement, attributes, and market data. This data is used to generate customer profiles and to give a real-time, complete view of the customer regardless of which channels and devices they interact with. CDP also supports customer acquisition and the “customer journey”.


CEP – Customer Engagement Platform

The Customer Engagement Platform managed and collects data around customer interactions. Their interactions can come from the website, social, email, and SMS exchange between the business and the customer. Event processes and manages complex information to identify meaningful opportunities in an off-line and real-time situation. This allows the business to respond effectively to increase engagement that directly leads to increases in sales.


CSP – Customer Service Platform

The Customer Service Platform allows for interactions between the business and customer, that are initiated by the customer, to be managed and responded to effectively. The business brand promise is maintained by effectively mobilizing internal business resources to resolve customer issues in a timely fashion.


LMS – Loyalty Management System

The Loyalty Management Platform delivers intelligent reward systems that keep customers coming back while growing an advocacy base for the business from within the customer base. The platform is powerful, configurable, and personalized to have a one-on-one relationship with customers. The Loyalty Management Platform is available for B2B customers and B2C consumers for both large and small businesses. You can create engaging cross-channel campaigns that are memorable, which will increase the likelihood of having loyal customers.

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FiO InteleKt™

FiO InteleKt™ is a revolutionary analytic platform that is leading the way in next-generation processes and strategies such as Hyper-Personalization, Prescriptive Analysis, Customer Journey Analytics, and Closed Loop Integration. InteleKt™ provides the power of AI and deep data insights necessary to stay ahead in today’s markets. Our platform is applicable to various industries such as Retail, Financial Services, Distribution, and many other B2B or B2C businesses. We invite you to learn more about the impact FiO InteleKt™ can have on your business and how our Professional Service Experts do the heavy lifting for you.