Group FiO’s Customer Loyalty Platform

Gives You the Right Way to Implement a Customer Loyalty Solution without Losing Business Agility


100+ global brands believe in FiO Customer Loyalty Platform


See a 20% Rise in Customer Retention with Group FiO’s Customer Loyalty Management Platform

FiO’s Customer Loyalty Management Platform (LMP) is a robust, data-driven platform that matches cutting edge zero- and first-party data and campaign focused workflows with modern eCommerce business. Rooted in today’s focus on hyper-personalized customer experience, our Customer Loyalty Management Platform rewards motivated customers with a customized experience (CX) that keeps them engaged and active in your brand ecosystem.

Dynamic Segmentation

Get insights, nurture relationships, decrease churn.

Engage Customers For Growth

✓ FiO’s platform provides a 360-Degree customer view using first- and zero-party data. Drive loyalty with deep customer personas and personalized scenarios.

✓ Leverage data points for targeted campaigns. Use advanced filters for dynamic segmentation and refine customer groups.

✓ Measure campaign effectiveness with A/B experimentation. Analyze loyalty program ROI for smarter decision-making.


FiO’s Loyalty Management Features

Hyper Personalization

Utilize deep data for personalized customer journeys. Track leads and customers, their preferences, messaging, service history, behavior, and purchases.

Customer Data Engagement

Drive better customer outcomes by engaging customers at every touchpoint. Our loyalty management platform handles interactions throughout the customer lifecycle.

Customer Service

It's acts as the intermediary for messaging conversations, including business chat, chatbots, and more. It empowers contact center agents with robust features for efficient routing and customer satisfaction.

Prescriptive Analytics

Harness the power of true AI to optimize customer lifetime value. Utilize behavioral data, sales history, and actions to forecast outcomes and accelerate the customer journey towards desired goals.

Customer Journey Analytics

Track and unify the entire customer journey with our data platform. Store, connect, and combine data from website interactions, purchases, engagement, attributes, and market data.

Omnichannel Experience

Consolidate touchpoint data into a unified customer database for real-time insights and targeted marketing.

Stop Fractured Brand Syndrome : Siloed data hampers brand consistency and omnichannel strategy. Group FiO’s Customer Loyalty Management Platform unifies data, offering a 360-degree view of customers for all stakeholders.

Create Real Omnichannel Experience : Customers today expect to have a “picking up where I left off” experience whenever they access your brand. FiO’s Customer Loyalty Management Platform will help you build an omnichannel brand whose touchpoints offer a consistent, fulfilling experience across all access points.

Create Empowered Automation: Use the right marketing automation tools that will help you execute, monitor, and measure your strategy. Group FiO’s Customer Loyalty Management Platform provides a multitude of functionality and integration opportunities for your brand.

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