Retail CRM Solutions

For Accelerated Growth

FiO Offers Advanced Retail CRM Solutions For The Evolving Retail Industry.

The retail industry is constantly evolving, which is why companies need a CRM that’s ahead of the game. FiO offers retail CRM solutions that will allow you to manage all your orders from multiple sales channels in one convenient location. The supply chain and order fulfillment can all be managed seamlessly with integrations to all major shipping carriers, tax solutions, and payment processors.

Use the built-in intelligence to ship from multiple warehouses, keep your stock levels at the optimal level, and have the system monitor vendor lead time to improve purchasing habits and keep backorders to a minimum. Managing your logistics has never been as easy as it is with FiO’s Intelligent Unified Commerce Platform.


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Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Learn how to humanize and personalize every moment with a robust data analytic platform designed to provide a 360 single customer view for each of your customers.

Customer Engagement Platform (CEP)

As part of the greater FiO’s iCRM solution, CEP will keep you in direct contact with your most valued customers.

Customer Service Platform (CSP)

A positive and personalized customer experience is key to ensuring your customers return for repeat business.

Loyalty Management System (LMS)

Still using loyalty punch cards and standard reward points programs to keep your customers loyal? Today’s savvy consumers expect a lout more bang for their brand fidelity.

Intelligent Unified Commerce (iUCP)

Manage all your orders from multiple sales channels in one convenient location.

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