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Unified Commerce

Here’s Why Group FiO’s Intelligent Unified Commerce Works.

FiO’s Intelligent Unified Commerce Platform takes the omnichannel experience much further replacing disconnected IT systems into a single, centralized platform. The platform combines e-commerce (mobile commerce), order fulfillment, inventory management, and customer relationship management (iCRM).

Disconnected systems act as separate silos, and the data they gather becomes redundant and limited in its use because of the inability to communicate with one another. Because of this, companies are making decisions based on incomplete data. It hinders their ability to provide the type of customer experience their consumers need and demand. A centralized, unified commerce platform eliminates the bottleneck and ensures that the right systems are connected, and the right information is available in real-time.

An omnichannel strategy links several digital and physical channels so customers can have a seamless experience.  However, omnichannel is often held together with manual processes and complex integrations, creating silos, hindering efficiency, and adding needless expense.

Unified Commerce Works

A Centralized, E-commerce Platform for Your Business.

Where FiO’s Unified Commerce solution differs is that it removes the possibility of leaving out a segment of data.  It’s designed to ensure systems are communicating and data is freely moving.

Unified Commerce solution usually entails an extensive integration of software solutions within a single, centralized e-commerce platform. It allows for the consolidation of many operating systems, servers, devices, licenses, and applications inherent in omnichannel sales solutions. Working together, it provides comprehensive customer profiles to facilitate insightful sales initiatives while giving consumers an improved customer experience.

The magic of a cloud-based unified commerce platform like FiO’s solution lies in its ability to integrate retailers with different software solutions into one single pane of glass.   

Using application program interfaces (APIs), master data management (MDM) solutions, business process management (BPM) systems, and more, FiO Unified Commerce links legacy systems, data, and services across the entire platform in real-time.

Sell your product anywhere

Automate selling across your multiple websites and marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Lazada and 11th Street and use intelligent order and inventory management to consistently delivery positive buying experiences while maintaining a lean operation

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inventory-icon Inventory Management

Manage and synchronize inventory in real-time across sales channels, suppliers, and warehouses and use the intelligent warehouse to allocate inventory for optimal returns

Ecomerce-icon ECOMMERCE

Manage multiple marketplaces and webstores and support your entire global wholesale, retail and brand business from a single commerce platform

pos-icon POS / In-store Systems

Seamlessly integrate with the optimal POS and leverage personalized instore marketing tools that empower employees to drive sales

ai-icon AI Powered Insights

Capture/analyze data at key points in the buyer journey to continuously enhance customer experience, Use AI insights to make better decisions and improve business performance

order-icon Order Management

Automate the order-to-cash process and enable buy/fullfil/return anywhere for physical and digital channels

supply-chain-icon Supply Chain Management

Automate purchasing and efficiently manage a complex ecosystem of wholesalers, distributors and suppliers

crm-icon CRM and Marketing

Unify marketing and commerce and stay engaged with customers throughout the entire journey to drive more conversions, build loyalty, and maximize the customer LTV

logistics-icon Optimize Logistics

Automate fulfillment with integration to all major carriers and reduce cost with automated carrier selection based on cost or delivery time.