Loyalty Management System

Manage Customer Loyalty Programs to Encourage Purchases

FiO’s Loyalty Management System (LMS) is a program that matches campaign logic with business reality. It rewards that motivated customer and drives them to take the next step for a good outcome.

It’s important that your loyalty programs sync with your CRM software and connect your campaigns with customer attributes. Also, incentive personalization and customer segmentation are vital to standing out from other loyalty programs.

FiO’s Loyalty Management System enables your marketing team with a unified customer view that should be capable of storing other data relevant to your offered incentives. Marketers need consumer profiles and their history in a unified customer view.

Such a view helps to create the right loyalty program incentives by enabling the marketing team to develop customer personas and match them to respective incentive scenarios. They can easily leverage complete data to launch targeted campaigns. The team can decide which type of campaign to create and manage.

Dynamic segmentation via an advanced set of filters gives marketers a way to split the customer base into refined groups like “anniversary,” “offer X product,” “dormant,” “age range,” other celebratory events and more. The campaign’s effectiveness and impact on customers can be evaluated and refined by A/B experimentation. Your team can gauge the loyalty program ROI and compare behavior from A/B tests.

Designing a loyalty program is the first step, but an important next step is to deliver the loyalty offer at the right time through the right medium to get the customer’s attention.

In today’s world, an omnichannel approach to reward campaigns is a basic requirement. For example, sending loyalty program information through an e-mail newsletter is a must. But you must be able to reach customers with your loyalty program message in a variety of ways, including in-app messages, dedicated landing pages, Google and Facebook ads, push notifications, and SMS. If 3rd party vendors are used to activating these channels, your platform must be easily integrated with them through a plugin, Zapier integration, or the API.

Group FiO’s Loyalty Management System includes


Marketers must define how customers earn points. Our LMS platform supports the most common shopping events, such as the frequency of purchases. It also tracks custom behaviors such as offering points for providing feedback/reviews or relevant social media posts.


FiO’s Loyalty Management System provides milestones that customers can attain and track. The milestones are based on frequency, dollars spent, performing a task such as providing the correct answer, or any other custom “exchange.”

Multiple Reward

Personalized rewards result in the best engagement. Our LMS includes several styles, including coupons, gift cards, stored discounts, cashback, loyalty points, or any “currency”.

For promotional budget control, program designers can throttle the cart volume or set a reward expiration date. Parameters are easily adjustable from the UI so that marketers don’t have to bother the development team every time they want to change anything in the loyalty program.

Integrations and API are used to create an omnichannel experience for customers. The API itself is a crucial thing. Marketing teams are using what is called a “marketing stack,” which is a collection of several software packages, to support the API. A must-have feature is the ability to integrate several systems. By using business intelligence tools, marketing teams are analyzing a loyalty program’s ROI and comparing loyalty club members vs non-members behavior with A/B tests.

FiO’s Loyalty Management Systems has a “developer-friendly” API. That means an API with thorough documentation, and onboarding engineer, software development kits (SDK), and practical usage examples. Such a package reduces the time and effort of development teams and eliminates the impact of significant amounts of your marketing budget.

Separate from the developer efforts, running loyalty programs requires support from customer service representatives. Resources must be available to answer customer questions related to terms of conditions and rewards. Your loyalty system should provide customers with an easy way to monitor and redeem rewards. It needs to be a self-serve customer portal that’s integrated into your app or online store where customers can view information on their progress and prior rewards. With a high rate of portal visits, marketers can take advantage of the portal by offering other relevant offers to the self-service customer portal visitor.

A final feature of FiO’s Loyalty Management System is “smart reminders.” To avoid being censured for spamming your customers, send only relevant and informational notifications about the loyalty program details.
“Smart reminders” are based on real-time customer traits and are non-intrusively presented on a device of choice. What’s the point of sending a reminder to a customer about an already expired reward or notifications about earning points for products they will never buy? Yet, because of outdated technology, this still happens. FiO’s Loyalty Management System is a state-of-the-art platform that provides clever marketers with all the things they need for a profitable loyalty program.