Target the right audience at the right time with the right message.

FiO's Moment Marketing Platform enables real-time marketing to a ready-to-purchase audience.

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100+ global brands believe in FiO Moment Marketing Platform


Real-Time Marketing to a Ready-to-Purchase Audience Becomes a Reality.

Modern eCommerce is an ever-evolving entity, and to master it, you need to be the brand that knows how to establish high customer engagement and resonate with audiences at just the right time on their path to purchase. 

Moments Marketing Platform Features

Easier said than done? Not if you have the right data and tech tools backing up your marketing efforts.

Deploy True Customer Mapping with Event Time Marketing

FiO’s Moments-in-Time solution delivers relevant, high-response messaging to customers when and where they’re likely to convert. With the Moment-in-Time Marketing Platform, brands serve real-time marketing moments on mobile devices, digital signage, and connected devices during exciting experiences. These moments extend the customer experience and provide valuable marketing real estate and customer insights for continued engagement.

Event Time Marketing
Omnichannel Marketing

Leverage Omnichannel Marketing

Consumers demand personalized, contextual, and predictive marketing across channels. Brands must have an omnichannel presence to deliver fluid experiences and real-time messaging. FiO’s Moments-in-Time Marketing Platform enhances omnichannel presence by reaching customers on mobile screens, ensuring marketing messages are seen when they matter most.

Maximizing Personal Messaging

Successful customer engagement relies on hyper-personalization, offering tailored experiences that anticipate customer needs. Achieving this balance requires leveraging deep customer data and delivering real-time messaging at opportune moments. Reach your audience wherever they are, inserting your brand into relevant conversations with pertinent communications and marketing messaging.

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